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American Medical Association opposes lifetime ban on gay men donating blood

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Reader comments

  1. This is good, I think it was lifted in France too with the equal Marriage Bill. It’s nice to hear about progress like this with all the sickening stuff going on in Russia

  2. It is not logical that two bisexual men who have had safe sex with each other are permanently banned but a woman who has unsafe sex with either of them is permitted/deferred for a period.

    Many – most – gay men could give blood which could save countless lives. This isn’t just about the right of gay men to be treated equally and not stigmatised, it’s about the right of patients not to be denied perfectly good blood.

    1. ‘Gay men are the most promiscuous group there is’. Have you ever been in a straight club at the weekend?

  3. burningworm 21 Jun 2013, 2:57pm


    Lets see if the ban across the globe can be lifted. I’m tired of my blood being viewed as undesired.

  4. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2013, 3:09pm

    As this is about saving lives it is good to see that people are waking up and seeing that blood donations should come from all as equally who are able as being those who equally should not and unable.

    It is offensive to keep branding all the same when those people themselves would take issue if they were treated the same.

    Here’s hoping many more lives are saved as a result.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2013, 4:55pm

      Most pathetic response going.

      As i have never kept secret I am HIV after being raped so obviously I wouldn’t as you well know to make such a stupid remark. I’m not sure what your points Keith but it’s immature and as usual used for suspect means.

      Your responses are no different from those vile racists who don’t want blood from black people, sadly I have witnessed. Good blood is lifesaving blood. Pick and choose what blood you get then it deserves to go to someone who respects life and all it has to offer.

      Thank you yet again Keith, thank you for making you nasty bigoted views know against not only gay people but being who have suffered rape and other sexual abuse.

      As someone who could quite easily feel bitter and angry about how I got HIV I choice from when I found out never to be so never to let HIV rule my life but the opposite. So if I do for that you can imagine how your idiot remarks bounce off and into the loony bin when you and they belong.

      You’re very low!

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Jun 2013, 5:33pm

    I often wonder how many straight people single or married who donate blood engage in unprotected sex with more than one person in a year but lie about it to avoid the stigma of being labelled ‘gay’? I’m sure that the majority wouldn’t hide the truth about their sexual activity but I can’t believe there aren’t some who would.

  6. I must be so boring.

    I’m 47 and have only had 2 lovers.

    My current civil partner for 8 years and my previous partner of 13 years.

    May sound dull but it blows the generic promiscuous gay crap out the window.

  7. Guess the AMA doesn’t care if normal people get diseased blood, they also supported obamacare

  8. Its funny how we think its our right to donate. We forget that blood services exist to provide patients in hospitals with the best possible product. Why take a higher risk when it isn’t necessary. Its easy for us to make this about us when reality is it’s about the patient. With HIV still being significantly higher in Men who have sex with men then why would we take it?. Put yourself in the patients shoes. Your right we do rely on the integrity of people to come in and answer honestly but we can only go off what we know which is statistics.

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