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US Supreme Court equal marriage decision expected on Monday, as no decision today

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  1. I imagine this is tactical more than anything else, the actions of the SCOTUS are of vital importance and I am not at all surprised that they don’t want the inevitable media hysteria to over-shadow other critical judgements being posted.

    I don’t know I blame the SCOTUS for this exactly, although seeing their lives played as theatre sucks for LGBT friends in the US. I blame a media that turns everything into a click-whoring circus of utter insanity, steamrollering everything else in reportage that resembles a horde of screaming howler monkeys more than anything else.

    The SCOTUS has addressed attempts to curtail voting rights, consumer law, ex post facto sentencing rules, gene patenting etc and such rulings would be lost in the furore as people manage a 5 minute attention span in a news cycle that is just hours long now.

    I think the SCOTUS wants to be heard, and doesn’t trust swathes of idiots to pay attention.

    1. There are still other important decisions that have not been released yet (especially the affirmative action one, which many people are extremely interested in). Apparently they always release decisions on the first available day after all the paperwork has been completed.

  2. Here’s hoping they strike them down soon.

  3. It doesn’t help that Pink Fleet Street are always saying it’s expected Monday (as they also did last week).

    The announcement dates will be updated at A really good site for info on these cases. They believe that the court is going to add an announcement date of 27-June, although it has not yet been officially announced.

    SCOTUSblog have also stated many times that they believe the court doesn’t hold back rulings. If it wasn’t announced it’s because they either haven’t ruled or the opinions aren’t published.

    I honestly don’t think the SCOTUS gives a rat’s ass what the media or the public think of their rulings or the timings of their announcements.

    These cases (and the UT case) are probably the most divisive within the court and, hence, the most difficult to coalesce a majority and agree upon the grounds and scope of the rulings.

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