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Medical study: Trans hormone treatment is safe and effective

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Reader comments

  1. This isn’t really the study we needed (since when do trans people need ‘short-term’ hormones? We know it’s safe in the short term. What we need is a gathering up of everybody who has been on hormones for 20+ years and detailed study of health and mortality relative to a control population.

  2. Something wrong here as searching for “Katriern Wierckx” (I was hoping to find her actual paper) only brings up this article.

    1. That’s because they spelt her name wrong. Just put Wierckx in and you’ll get one. A longer-term study from 2010 that seems more akin to the style of work that is actually required.

  3. We need a multi-centre European study into the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of transphobia

  4. gentlemind 24 Jun 2013, 4:52pm

    The prefix Trans denotes Across, Through, or Change.

    It is not physically possible to change sex. It is therefore not possible to be one who is moving across the sexes, or one who has moved across the sexes. With that in mind, the title of this article is misleading. No trans treatment can ever be effective, since there is no treatment for being male or female, since being male or female is not a disorder. Transgenderism is an emotional disorder, not a physical one. The treatment, then, can only be emotional – not physical.

  5. postopgirl 28 Jul 2013, 8:09pm

    Well I wish the HRT was working like promised, it doesn’t feminise very well, the lack of feminisation gets us older girls depressed

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