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Ireland: Lesbian couple win discrimination case against restaurant

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Reader comments

  1. This may get a few employers thinking? And hopefully also open the floodgates for the other victims to come forward.

  2. Good outcome.

    Where dos the figure of 170,000 LGBT employees come from?

  3. The times they are a’ changin! About time too!

  4. Well done to the two women involved for standing up for themselves.

    Let’s hope that others who have been in a similar situation now start to speak out?

    1. Thanks so much guys, but it’s all over now. The two woman never received their compensation while the employer is living its life easily as it does not have to pay to the two woman. The labour court overturned the previous decision without hearing the two woman point of view. Its as simple in ireland. Just wondering if the fact that the employer is one of the leading fast food chain in ireland made easier to the labour court to make this decision….??????

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