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Travel: Is Las Vegas a ‘Fabulous’ gay holiday destination?

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  1. Dan Cooley 20 Jun 2013, 6:15am

    Mr. Cohen, I hope you realize you have spent your entire time in Southern Nevada in “Vegas” or “Sin City” which is a strip of land 2 miles wide and 7 miles long in Clark County. Vegas is where Prince Harry runs naked. You have never spent one second in the City of Las Vegas. You’d be surprised. We have beautiful Red Rock canyon just to the west, we have vast recreational fields and parks, 100s of miles of trails, libraries…it’s a real city. In the Summerlin community we even have three casinos where nobody runs naked, at least not in public. Next CES venture out of Sin City and see what you are missing.

    1. I agree Red rock is beautiful (well except the horse poop), as is Lake Mead, and the Mojave/Joshua Tree area is my favourite place on earth. In fact the only place in the area i wasnt fond of was Vegas- nasty, dirty, tacky urban sprawl that just goes on forever.

      1. I concur with both Martyn and Dan! Most visitors to Las Vegas don’t realize that just 25 min or 40k out of town they can experience both the natural wonder of the environment and Lake Mead one of the largest man made reservoirs created during the great depression. The building of the Boulder/Hoover dam on the Colorado river allows visitors to see the beauty of the states of Nevada – Arizona just by walking across the dam and 1hrs time line. Words cant describe what lies outside of Sin City, but hopefully these pictures can indicate the amazing sights that are there to explore.

    2. Dan Cooley 21 Jun 2013, 8:56pm

      The whole point of my posting was this headline: “Travel: Is Las Vegas a ‘Fabulous’ gay holiday destination?”. The only things covered in Mr Cohen’s well written and comprehensive article were the various activities on the Strip. But, the Strip is not Las Vegas. I’m on a one-man campaign to change the way people think about this area. Vegas is one thing in people’s minds, the City of Las Vegas is quite another.

  2. Sounds horrific. Why do “gay” resorts/holidays always involve pool parties and drag queens?

    I’ve been going on holiday for 40 years and have never encountered either and don’t want to.

    However it would be nice to go on a “normal” holiday where there were other gay people and NO pool parties and drag queens.

    What happened to all the other things which people do on holiday like sight seeing.

    When I went to Las Vegas it was for one reason only. As a base to see the Grand Canyon.

    Can a gay holiday not include a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon or is that just not “gay” enough?

    We accuse others of stereotyping us. Then we do this?

    1. Twitless, I think Ben’s piece has confirmed for us that the tourist area of Las Vegas IS horrific! :-)

      Last night my partner and I watched the film and I totally recommend it. It’s a Romanian film, set in an isolated little village in Romania, which demonstrates by way of a very subtle allegory just why and how the USA has wrought and continues to wreak damage all over the face of this earth, from planting the flags of Coca Cola and Fanta in every far-flung continental outpost to destroying local identity and diverting local and national policies to those that suit the United States.

    2. you are much better off viewing the Canyon from the other side- using Flagstaff as a base and going to the actual National Park. It may not have the glass walkway that the Hulapai “grand canyon west” has but its a lot classier, cleaner, and far less expensive…

  3. I think Vegas is a place where most people go for a certain kind of fun – gambling, shows, titillation. Of course there are trips available to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon but Ben had a pretty typical time there. I lived in Vegas for a while working on one of the shows Ben saw. Ten years ago it was not a very Gay-friendly place, despite the wealth of GLBT people living and working there in entertainment and hospitality. There were a few bars in seedy parts of town etc but things are changing now. Vegas keeps evolving. Always following the money.
    Last time I visited I saw Divas Las Vegas and loved it. It’s warm-hearted and very funny.

  4. There is a gay hotel in Las Vegas, the Blue Moon. It is a fun place to stay:)

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