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Amendments urging for civil registrars to opt out of equal marriage ceremonies withdrawn from bill

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t know why this was an issue in the first place. No-one will be compelled to perform a SSM. They will however need to look for employment elsewhere.

    1. I would suggest that the govt always post jobs at registrars places of employment, especially those at the garbage dump. Give them priority on those jobs so they will still be able to feed their “families”

      Note I didnt say trash dump. ever been to a garbage dump on a hot day?

  2. Robert (Kettering) 19 Jun 2013, 7:34pm

    It was just a clause to legalise discrimination in public office so would have been challenged in the courts on Human Rights grounds eventually had it made its way into the Bill.

    Why can’t the bigots just realise they have lost the argument and are sitting on the wrong side of history?

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jun 2013, 7:48pm

    One by one, they’re all falling down just as they did in the Commons. The current Equalities law is more than sufficient. Nothing is perfect or ideal.

    Allowing registrars to opt out sends a very bad signal to the private sector and in particular the workforce. It would have the potential for employees or prospective employees to demand exemptions elsewhere in their contracts as well as lawsuits brought against employers for refusing to hire someone whose religious beliefs have to be accommodated while others must comply with their job descriptions. We’d end up with a very litigious society and a weakened workforce, bad for the country, bad for the economy. Nobody should be given special exemptions in the workplace, least of all religious loons. They have more than enough protections as it is. Now watch them all cry foul.

    Well done to all those who are fighting for equality in the Lords.

    1. Very well put.
      As I said on another thread a series of amendments today providing a solution which are looking for a problem, whilst trying through subtrefuge to advance any religious (real or imagined) discrimination above all other forms of discrimination – even in one case actually underminining religious discrimination protections which already exists under the 2010 equality act – incredible what fanaticism will drive them to.

  4. huge thanks to the government ministers in charge, lord lester, lord alli and few other speakers for exposing stupidity in the proposed amendments

  5. Paula Thomas 19 Jun 2013, 9:25pm

    I am sorry to say that I don’t think this is the end of the matter. They will try again at report.

  6. Everyone please remember the truth, which was expressed by Chris Hitchens

    Religion poisons everything.

  7. GulliverUK 19 Jun 2013, 9:35pm

    Ofcourse it was withdrawn, it would have driven a coach and 4 horses of the apocalypse through the Equality Act, AND it’s already been ruled illegal at the ECHR. My god, did they really think this had any chance of happening? Registrars are no different than any other public servant, they aren’t in any way involved in religious ceremonies, in fact, the CofE and others shot themselves in the foot by demanding there cannot be any religious element to registry marriages. They are very big at shooting themselves in the foot. You can tell nutty Christians – they all limp :-p


    ps. Some Christians are just Soooooooo obnoxious.

  8. St Sebastian 20 Jun 2013, 6:43am

    “…Baroness Berridge said that not allowing an opt-out could force churches to divert funds from food banks to fighting in court.”

    More piffle from a religiously driven oponent – a red herring if ever I heard one.

    I actually listened to her, what a load of ‘lawyer speak’ gobbledygook. Lord Ally was of course right onto her drivel.

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