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US: Russian gay people urge boycott of 2014 Russian Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

  1. Agreed. No one who supports equality should even think of attending.

  2. auntie babs 18 Jun 2013, 1:43am

    totally behind this boycott and if the Olympic Committee was serious about combating homophobia in sport so would it be.

  3. The Olympic Committee should be organising this. It would add MUCH more weight to the campaign and send out a very clear message that discrimination on the grounds of sexuality is simply religious bigotry which will not be tolerated.

  4. Athletes may be welcome but what about spectators or their families.

    I won’t be going.

  5. Colin (London) 18 Jun 2013, 10:38am

    The Olympic Committee should move the games away from Russia as a world wide message that homophobia will not be tolerated.

    This is about human rights not just homophobia.

    1. I would love if the IOC did that in protest. Sadly that wont be possible, think about how much work takes place in the time they find out they get the games until they actually take place. It is more likely that they will just cancel the games

  6. Not just LGBT people, but LGBT athletes should not attend either. But if the athletes are made to attend, they should test Russian law and the IOC’s so called “commitment to nondiscrimination”, by wearing rainbow badges, kissing their partners while on camera, and other stuff like that.
    Russia would be required by it’s own laws to antagonize other countries by taking action against the athletes, but is equal required to maintain a positive image in the view of the international community attending the event.

  7. I am gay from Russia. Putin is very proud of the Sochi Olympic Games. If you want to help russian LGBT people, then boycott the games. Show Putin that he is not right.

  8. I will do everything I can to convince people not to support Russia’s Olympics. Hopefully they get cancelled, that would be more than justified.

  9. I agree the Olympic committee should move the games away from Russia. I don’t understand why such an educated country is so down with human rights.

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