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US: Attorney representing lesbian teenager charged for relationship with younger girl asks judge to step down

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  1. What they’re doing to this girl is ridiculous. My parents had an age gap of four years.

  2. Wait… so they didn’t have sex?

    They just -discussed- kissing? :|

    1. yes they had sex. on at least 3 occasions and that is what she is charged with.they discussed having sex in that recorded concersation

      this is an evil article. when she was first arrested her parents started a facebook group where they completely lied their asses off about what happened. by the time this article was written, all of those lies had been exposed and news articles where using the CORRECT information. but this guy is still repeating their lies about the other girls parents waiting till she turned 18? LIAR. there was no waiting, she turned 18 before the other girl even started high school and was arrested SEVEN MONTHS after she turned 18.

  3. So… one day, when she’s under 18 it’s normal behaviour between two teenagers, then a day later (when she’s 18) it’s a criminal offence? Crazy!

    1. No it’s not crazy- you have to draw the line somewhere unless you advocate abolishing the age of consent completely. Current age of consent laws are entirely fair. An age difference of more than two years between minors represents a huge difference in their maturity and capacity to negotiate sex and the law recognises this inequality and potential for exploitation. I would have reported the girlfriend also if I was the parent of the younger girl. Don’t forget the accused went to another school and reported another girl to the authorities she witnessed in the same situation- she lost any sympathy from me after that!

      1. So, M, what you’re saying is that when Kaitlyn Hunt was 17 their relationship was perfectly fine?

        1. No, it wasn’t perfectly fine then either both morally (subjective) or legally (objective): “Florida law states that the age of consent is 18 and allows an age-gap provision that allows a 16-or-17-year olds to consent to consensual conduct with a person 16-23 years of age.” Note the age difference here is 3 years, 7 months…

  4. The age of the girlfriend has suddenly changed from fifteen to fourteen? Don’t people usually age the other way?

  5. I an 18 year old, boy or girl, was having sex with my 14 year old daughter I would phone the police.

    The difference between 14 and 18 is immense. It is a young woman having sex with a child.

    1. except it’s a 17yr old NOT having sex with a 15yr old. they discussed “kissing”.

      their relationship started when the younger girl was 14, and the older was 16 just going on 17. in other words, there’s barely 2 years between them.

      the mother is the one pressing charges, and is a religious nutcase homophobic bigot.
      she waited until the older girl turned 18 to press charges.

      in any civilized country, this wouldn’t have been prosecuted.

      1. Wrong. Do you have an agenda in advocating sex between adults and children because it sure seems like it?? The age difference in question here was more than 4 years, not “barely 2 years” as you put it (but why do I get the feeling you already knew that- don’t let facts get in the way). This girl needs to stop playing the victim and people like yourself need to start employing some rational thinking. Sexuality is completely irrelevant to this case. Oh, and FYI, this conduct was criminal before she turned 18 but I suppose that would be inconvenient for you in painting the younger girl’s mother as a “religious nutcase homophobic bigot”, for which there is no evidence mind you- “Florida law states that the age of consent is 18 and allows an age-gap provision that allows a 16-or-17-year olds to consent to consensual conduct with a person 16-23 years of age.”

        1. Correction- the age difference was 3 years and 7 months meaning the younger girl was 14 when the accused turned 18.

        2. Assuming this relationship isn’t 108 days old, there is one question. Why did the younger girl’s mother kept silent all this time and didn’t act right away?

      2. Wrongola. WRONG,WRONG,WRONG.

        Kaitlyn hunt turned 18 on AUGUST 14th 2012 before the start of the school year and before the other girl even started high school.

        They first hooked up in DECEMBER 2012 and she was arrested in MARCH 2013.

        the hunt family LIED their asses off to garner support.


    2. Give_me_some_advil 19 Jun 2013, 5:14am

      I get where your coming from i agree some but im conflicted. im 22 years old if i had sex with someone 4 years older then me 26 that fine. But im 18 having sex with a 14 year old i don’t think thats right or It feels to young. but every U.S. state is different with consent and with minors on minors its different and sinces this girl just turned 18 i think it is ok. But this is an english site there age of consent is 14 to 18 with minors. thats a little to risky in the states.

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