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Study: Most US gay people find the majority of religious organisations to be ‘unfriendly’

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Reader comments

  1. Rob Stacey 18 Jun 2013, 6:52pm

    It doesn’t say anything about Pagans which is interesting seeing as though in modern times they were the first to conduct gay marriages

  2. “The leading anti-gay voices always put it in religious terms, which taints how people view religion,” he said.”

    It doesn’t taint how people view religion it helps them view religion accurately.

  3. I’d be interested to know how many heterosexual people find the majority of religious organisations to be ‘unfriendly’ too. I don’t doubt that the percentages would be lower, but I can’t imagine that it’s only those being regularly persecuted at the moment that have had enough of what is frankly very little more than dogmatic and irrational nonsense.

  4. It’s unfortunate that this survey is specific to the US. If a global survey were to be conducted I think it would reveal many faiths in many countries are “unfriendly” to gay people and or their family or straight supporters.

    What might/not be a surprise is which countries and faiths are the least unfriendly… but one thing is for sure is that we’re rarely on any faiths acceptance list.

    Unfortunately it is the hate and rhetoric that is coming from the US evangelistic movement which perpetuates unfavorable media coverage, this alone is the cause of growing homophobia in places around the world.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Jun 2013, 9:11am

      Very correct, Steve R !

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Jun 2013, 8:45am

    NO SURPRISE-NO SURPRISE ! The worst “demon” for LGBTQ people, all around the world, has always been religious interpretations of holy books, and the notions that we are against God in some way or other.The Christian Church has been a real devil ! to us—JUST READ HISTORY !

    1. All very true, and worth remembering it is not just LGBT people who have been targeted; organised religion is the enemy of independent thought and individual freedoms and rights.

      If you take a global view it happens to be that in many ‘christian’ countries we are one of the last groups to be a target of religious bigotry, but I find it equally appalling that we have women dying from complications during labour as a result of being denied requested abortions on basis of the the religion of the doctors.

      The equal marriage debate has opened my eyes to the machinations of organised religion and motivated me to resist any and all instances of its subversion of democracy which I encounter, but then I’m probably “preaching to the choir” here.

  6. Strange, isn’t it, why gay people would even want to support organised religion? As Midnighter states: “organised religion is the enemy of independent thought and individual freedoms and rights.” So why would you support an organisation which hates you? Is it due to that old ‘self-hatred’ so many gay people have been taught – by religion? My advice is – stay away from churches. They are all about power and control – over ordinary citizens.

  7. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 9:31am

    I presume non-evangelising Protestants are denominations such as Quakers and Unitarian Universalists. It’s a great shame that so many people never encounter these congregations because they live in an area dominated either by Southern Baptists or by Catholics. I presume that these figures are averaged across the nation and therefore do not clearly reflect the views of people in such areas as New York or San Francisco, where a wide range of religions co-exist.

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