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Poland: Prime Minister backs down and admits opposition to civil unions is too strong

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Reader comments

  1. Poland is another Catholic infested backwards rathole that needs kicking out of the EU pronto. Let’s see how all those Catholic bigots would feel about going back to the motherland then.

    1. alwaysniceman 19 Jun 2013, 1:24am

      By Poland you mean the Polish government. Don’t offend people of Poland, gay people included

      1. St Sebastian 19 Jun 2013, 6:08am

        Don’t be so defensive, most people are smart enough to understand the difference between a government and its people. I am no fan of the government of the USA nor many of the social norms (distrust of government, universal healthcare, readiness to go to war, the influence of religion on society and freedoms) but on all my visits to the USA the people have been for the most part hospitable, friendly, generous etc despite their awful politics. There are good and bad in all countries. Don’t give the bad rent free space in your brain.

        If you take the focus of the argument with your defensiveness, you are diverting attention from the real problem, continuing prejudice and inequality against the gay community of Poland. Good luck for the cause of equality in Poland.

      2. alwaysniceman, the reason the Polish government is backing down is because there are too many homophobes of all parties, including the governing party, in the Polish parliament – voted there by homophobic Polish people. This decision may not reflect all Polish people, but it reflects a huge section of the population.

    2. Just wanted to say that goverment policy does not reflect views of all polish people. Your generalization about polish people is no different than stereotypes about gay people – may look good as headlines but is far from the truth!
      Primie Minister Tusk is a spineless coward with no vision of his own, posing as liberal while trying to be holier than the pope.
      Gay people who came to live in the UK did so BECAUSE OF OUR GOVERMENT ACTIONS, to live in a country where our lives and relationships are recognised and valued. Where me and my partner can, hopefully soon, get married and start a family (we started adoption process)
      But you think I’m a Catholic bigot who should go back to that ‘backwards rathole’ and get kicked out of EU!

      1. Philip Breen 19 Jun 2013, 7:20am

        Polish guy-I agree with you about the risk of generalisations about gay people that don’t help. These issues need more nuance. In any case, many catholics of many different nationalities live the tension every day of believing the catholic faith while being gay. As our sexual orientation is not something we choose, so, too, our religious faith is something in our DNA that we grew up with as an intrinsic part of our background, family relationships etc, that we can’t just dump. To do so would be to abandon part of ourselves. We do the best we can and it isn’t easy.

        1. Religious “faith” = brainwashing. Not part of your DNA you can dump it and you will be better for it. You want to love something that hates you? Brainwashing.

          Poland is going the same way as Russia, which is not that surprising really given the history between those two countries. Again, Poland backward, government reactionary, Catholic dogma in place of secular thinking, kick it out of the E.U. pronto, effect cold water wake up call for the Poles, then we see exactly what comes first Catholic dogma or practical reality.

        2. Of course your religious faith is not part of your DNA. Sad that you can’t recognise backward brainwashing for what it is. You can dump your ridiculous faith without dumping your family.

        3. I totally dumped catholicism after taking a closer look. The only reason why I grew up catholic was because of my parents.

    3. Disgusting, ignorant and racist comment. May I suggest some psychoanalytic therapy to address your primitive reasoning. Consider first that 60% of Poles support legal recognition of same-sex unions before you offend an entire nation. Source:

  2. Georg Friedrich 18 Jun 2013, 7:35pm

    The fact, that for some Polish opponents of gay rights proposed civil partnership bill means redefinition of constitution, is not an strong argument, neither political or judicial. Civil partnership and marriage are two different things. And so, like ruling Platforma Obywatelska (PO) can call himself “Liberal” so long how they want – but its not.

  3. Shame on you, Poland!

    I don’t know why such a backward country was allowed to enter the European union. They didn’t complain about our values and policies when over a million of polish immigrants decided to invade the UK! If they respect their traditions so much and think they are superior, why don’t they stay there?
    What a bunch of dirty hypocrites!

    1. Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia. Most UE members are backward .

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 18 Jun 2013, 9:24pm

        Hungary have an solid civil partnership law since July 2009, thanks to then ruling Socialist party. But under new Hungarian constitution, approved by government of Orban in 2011, “marriage is a union between man and women”. Labor government of Malta is preparing to legalise civil partnerships for gay couples, an similar project is in the parliament of Greek Cyprus. Estonia is discussing an project of cohabitation law. In Italy some parliamentarians are trying make gay marriage or at least civil partnership legal (Const. Court has already make his decision 2011 that gay couples must be legal in some form). Const.Court of Greece will make his decision on this issue later this year. Orthodox Church try inscribe ban on gay marriage into Romanian Constitution, and so Catholic Church in Croatia (by an referendum later this year). However,only project on gay rights in Lithuanian parliament still is two bans (on”gay propaganda” and gay adoption) and legalisation of “gay therapy”.

  4. Leaders LEAD, Mr. Prime Minister. Shame on you and shame on Poland for abandoning the rights of a minority for the sake of supporting the religious bigotry of the majority.

  5. There is something called the free movement directive.
    For those gay couples who are married or in a civil union, to move to Poland for their employment (or any of these other backward EU member States) means loosing all their rights as a couple, Malta are dping something about this now.
    For Poland to take 19-15 years to rectify this denial of partnership rights is totally unacceptable; if they continue to deny these rights perhaps they should have employment free-movement restricted within the EU for their citizens.

    1. * 10-15 years

  6. I do not feel that I am in EU…..10-15 years!….:(

  7. Why was Poland allowed into the European Union in the first place? I wouldn’t blame LGBT Poles for leaving the country en masse for Western Europe…

    1. alwaysniceman 19 Jun 2013, 1:32am

      Poland is a western European country. It was in fact the most tollerant country in Europe – it never in its 1000 years long history penalised homosexuality. The country just stood where it was in self-appreciation.

      To all those Brits saying nasty things towards people of Poland, which obviously includes gay Poles, I can say one thing – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In the UK it was illegal to be gay until very recently. The UK killed many gay people or destroyed them. I mean people like Alan Turning or Oscar Wilde.

      It is sad how some Brits can be pick-headed about their country, slapping Poland that for centuries were more tolerant than homophobic Britain.

      1. St Sebastian 19 Jun 2013, 5:11am


        “Poland is a western European country. It was in fact the most tollerant country in Europe”

        This is true, the key word in your statement is “was”. Clearly there is a problem in Poland and this thread appears to have two common threads – firstly, they were subjected to control by the Soviet Union , and secondly, they are Slavic cultures.

        If these Slavic and former Soviet Union controlled countries they are going to have a cold hard look at these two issues. In order to effect change, it is essential to look inward, be brutally honest in identifying both the problem and causes, not be defensive and make resolutions to tackle the root cause of these issues. History has shown that countries that are have the courage to honestly view their problems, permit dissenting views without being defensive are the countries that have able to be progress towards greater equality.


      2. St Sebastian 19 Jun 2013, 5:26am


        You need to understand that countries with greater equality have been in a similar position and your country is simply at an earlier stage of development (probably due to your subjugation for several generation by the Soviet Union). Being ashamed of this position is in fact a positive, an incentive for you to change something that is not acceptable. We all have skeletons in our closet, non of us are perfect so don’t take it personally, these comments are not directed at you. Take it constructively and do something to change this inequality. It will take time, time is needed to shift public attitudes but there will be no start if you don’t acknowledge your problem. Use Nelson Mandela’s strategy of focussing on ‘change’ rather than ‘blame’.

        I wish Poland and the polish people well on their journey to greater equality.

        1. Slavic culture has got nothing to do with it FYI.. The Czech Republic is every bit as Slavic as Poland however they have one of the highest rates of acceptance of homosexuality of all of Europe. It is the vile Roman cult that is the difference- the Czech are also the most secular country in Europe.

        2. I well agree that to solve a problem you first have to recognise that there is a problem and have the courage to define it and tackle it – this takes honesty and determination.
          The present Prime Minister of Poland has punted on his responsibilities to his people both in regards to their obligations as a member of the EU and his responsibility to people within his own country in regards to freedom of religion and equality, I hope he comes to regret his courdice and the disrespect he has exibited to a large section of Polands population.

  8. Poland is still controlled by the remnants of the roman empire – vatican city. How embarrassing for them.

    1. Philip Breen 19 Jun 2013, 7:34am

      Poland is not alone. The UK hasn’t needed the Holy See to encourage its outrageous anti-gay legislation whose unbelievable burdens we still carry. Are you aware that, only in May 2013, the DBS new rules on filtering offences after 11 years does not allow the old gay offences (gross indecency, soliciting or persistently importuning by a man for an IMMORAL purpose) to be filtered? These offences did not imply prostitution or that minors were involved. They were victimless crimes. However, underneath the new rules is the hidden opinion that gays present undue safeguarding risks & that the old gay sex offences are too SERIOUS to filter. Nobody seems to have bothered about that.

  9. Godric Godricson 19 Jun 2013, 8:31am

    Catholicism is loosing its hold on European Countries. Just look how far Ireland has changed and Malta is considering Civil Partnership. Entrenched Catholicism is moving aside in favour of rationality although that move is slow and sometimes painful. I like the Polish people I’ve met and they moved to the UK for a reason. For some that’ll be an economic reason and for some it’ll be the wish to get away from the culture in Poland. The truth is that Norfolk wouldn’t be the same without the Poles and others who have come to live here. Best wishes to my Polish neighbours both Gay and straight

    1. I have to agree, ive met some really very nice polish people here in the Uk. If Poland doesnt want to leave the Middle Ages im perfectly happy for the hard working, well behaved and in quite a lot of cases seriously hot poles to come over here!

  10. GulliverUK 20 Jun 2013, 8:32am

    It’s not really encouraging for relations with Poland or Polish people. Knowing that most of the Polish people are religious zealots and bigots, possibly a big assumption and incorrect extrapolation, just makes me want to not have anything to do with them, or any products they make.

    And aren’t leaders supposed to …. lead ? Do we have to wait until 51% of a country agree with something before it can be taken forward? If that is so the whole world is likely to stop rotating !

    The Catholic church needs to butt out, everywhere, or they’re going to utterly destroy themselves. They are already one of the most hated religions by non-believers because they interfere in …. everything.

    1. Disgusting, ignorant and racist comment. May I suggest some psychoanalytic therapy to address your primitive reasoning. Consider first that 60% of Poles support legal recognition of same-sex unions before you offend an entire nation. Source:

      1. GulliverUK 20 Jun 2013, 1:27pm

        Thanks for the link Anna – I missed that one but do usually read all the poll data I can find. So that suggests Polish people are just as supportive as many others, which means they’ve got a problem with bigots in their parliament and legislator, and he doesn’t want to bring it because of that. We’ve had the same thing here for quite a while too.

        As I had said “ possibly a big assumption and incorrect extrapolation“, and thanks for correcting / clarifying that — and PolishGuy also suggested the same. Sometimes you have to take a devil’s advocate approach. I’ve met a number of Polish people and worked with some, and they didn’t seem in any way bigoted to me – but I put that down to being the sort of people who embrace going abroad, rather than a type which might be a bit insular and perhaps whose views wouldn’t travel well. But it seems a majority living in Poland also support equality.

        Apologies if my post came across as primitive reasoning.

        1. That is ok, all is forgiven :)

          The situation is no different in many countries, including Australia were the leaders of both major political parties oppose marriage equality despite public support. At least the Polish PM is suppotive of GLBTI and is frustrated by conservative factions…

          1. *where

          2. *supportive :)

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