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Poland’s only gay MP attacked after Equality Parade

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Reader comments

  1. What IS it that so inflames these people about homosexuality? Is it their religious brainwashing? Is it self-hatred and concerns about their own supressed same-sex attraction? Whatever it is – it’s making them look backward and more than a little bigoted and unintelligent. If they want to remain in the EU, they really should be censured for their continuing resistance to being dragged into the 21st century.

  2. I think, and this is my theory, that the church and the politicians, throughout history, have had need of a symbol that represents the ultimate evil that they could use as a means of controlling the minds of the populace, and bending them to their will. We gays have been that symbol.

    Now, we have reached the point in time where the world is becoming more humanistic and these two bastions are in danger of losing their “whipping boy”. Once we become fully enfranchised and the public sees us as just people, the same as them, these manipulators will be exposed for what they are and that frightens them to no end because their power base will have disappeared.


  3. Bad news !! we are talking about this on

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