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Lord Dear tells PinkNews reader: ‘I want to improve the equal marriage bill and I’m not homophobic’

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Reader comments

  1. bobbleobble 17 Jun 2013, 5:43pm

    Awww does the homophobe not like being called homophobic, bless.

    I think it’s Lord Dear who doesn’t understand pretty much any of what’s going on here, including apparently his own motives.

  2. MISTER Dear,

    You are unelected.

    You have zero democratic mandate to be interfering in the decision of the elected House of Lords.

    And you are a bigot scumbag that belongs in the BNP.

    You are a disgrace to this country.

  3. Oh Dear, not Lord Dear. He wants legal protections for bigots and bullies. The usual mealy-mouthed stuff about ‘I’m not homophobic but…’ how many times have we heard that? Would he dare say this in the cause of opposing civil and legal equality on racial grounds ?

  4. Oh Dear not Lord Dear. This would be like ‘improving’ the race relations act by giving legal protection to those who hold racist views. How many times have we heard the ‘I’m not homophobic but…’ line..?

  5. Lord Dear, your actions indicate differently from your declaration.

  6. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s not homophobic, what a lying twat.

    People are always free to hold whatever beliefs they want but when they are providing goods or services to the public they are not allowed to use those arbitrary beliefs as an excuse to discriminate.

  7. I am sure he does want to improve it. But for whom? Certainly not the LGBT community.

    Nope. He’s there as a mouthpiece for the bigots and simpletons at C4M/The Christian Institute, and it’s those groups views he want to see enshrined in law. Thus far, he’s failed dismally.

  8. Sometimes it is worth talking to people.

    Lord Dear is wrong, it is that simple, but I am meeting him with a challenge to do something positive to eliminate LGBT hatred. He offered that opportunity so let’s see what he will do to change things.

  9. We know homophobia when we see and hear it. And you, Sir, are a homophobe.

  10. Lord Dear sounds like a Blackadder character on the lines of Captain Darling. I can just hear Stephen Fry saying “Not now, Dear.” That is what their lordships should say to his latest spoiling amendment. Not now, or ever, Dear.

  11. The man’s a homophobe – and if this is the quality of the “experience” brought to the lords – old fashioned, spiteful bigotry – then it’s more proof how much we need rid of them.

    No-one is disadvantaged by equal marriage – but Lord Dear misses being able to treat us with the contempt he clear holds for us

  12. Who suggested to appoint this person? My gosh! I can’t stand his pretentious act in the upper house. You will FAIL Lord Dear, you will. He just don’t get it, doesn’t he????? I want to lobby him along with many others!

  13. Robert (Kettering) 17 Jun 2013, 7:28pm

    Sorry Mr Dear but you certainly come across as just another spiteful, homophobic old bigot to me despite your protestations.

  14. “protection for those who fear disadvantage if the bill passes into law in its present form.”

    How can a bill bringing in equality disadvantage anyone other than someone who doesn’t want equality?

    How did anti racist legislation disadvantage anyone? How did equal pay for women disadvantage anyone?

    Other than the racists and misogynists of course.

  15. Oh Dear, please shut up.

    If one person says you are a horse, you may conclude you are not a horse.

    If two people say you are a horse, you might want to take a peek when you run by a mirror.

    If three people say your are a horse, you are probably standing in a stall, eating hay.

    Dear, you are a homophobe.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jun 2013, 8:49pm

    I have to say it was very civilized throughout the debate and not as heated as I thought it might be. One by one, the amendments are being withdrawn.

    Baroness Butler-Sloss said earlier..”the Bill is going through” even though she remains politely opposed. I don’t agree with everything she says, but she annunciates beautifully and articulately.

    1. Hmm, I’m not sure, Robert. She can speak as nicely as she wants, but I’ll never forget her gobsmacking comments about EM “destroying marriage” and being “a step too far”. I was shocked that so educated a person could be so ignorant and prejudiced.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jun 2013, 11:47pm

        I take your point, Iris but she wasn’t supportive of Baroness Cumberlege’s move to grant registrars with strong religious beliefs to have opt outs, in other words, refusing to do what their job responsibilities are required of them. Cumberlege refuses to withdraw her wrecking amendment and so too does Lord Dear. He admitted earlier in the day that he will continue to support his amendment even if it causes division. Nasty.

      2. Nasty indeed, Robert. Sadly, there’s a whole scale of ‘nasty’ amongst anti-equality people, when it’d be nice if they just minded their own business and stopped denigrating LGBT people. It’s shocking to see such bigotry.

  17. I don’t believe your ‘I not homophobic’ claim. Actions speak louder than words Geoffrey Dear. Your actions convict you!

  18. JackAlison 18 Jun 2013, 5:36am

    OMG….ava gardiner said you get the face u deserve.
    What a creepy crawley x- cop beetle, scurrying to gather last minute ammendments to jettison attempts at righting centuries of wrong. Im ‘glad’ he gave us mere mortals a classist lessson in “leave it to ur betters to decide ur fate” Is this guy straight out of an Emily Bronte novel or wot? He is a notable example of why an unelected body of has-beens, decayed aristocracy and effeminate shrill high pitched screaming clergy continue to hold sway on the elected representatives of the people.

  19. “Your conclusions as to homophobia are unfair, inaccurate and demonstrate, if I may say so, a massive lack of appreciation of most of the elements in play in this issue.”

    Those elements being neatly summarised as a dash of the etymological fallacy i.e. “protect those who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others.”
    Those people are already protected. The Alf Garnets of the world are still allowed by freedom of speech to be bigoted assholes, they just don’t get to withhold goods and services on that basis.
    Nor do they get immunity from being called out as bigoted assholes.

    Agree with Dave G, shorter Lord Dear = “I’m not homophobic… BUT they’re not equal to the rest of us and we need to protect the bigots.”

  20. protection for those who fear disadvantage

    WHAT “disadvantage”?

  21. Jock S. Trap 18 Jun 2013, 7:57am

    Only a bigoted homophobe would make such comments against the community then say ‘I’m not homophobic’!

    I’m actually waiting for the next predictable line ‘some of my best friends are gay’.

    Fact remains he is fight against the majority of the elected house and the public.

  22. PeterinSydney 18 Jun 2013, 11:10am

    Dear oh dear, Lord Dear. You promote anti-gay provisions and yet claim not to be homophobic. At least tell the truth please.

    I doubt if you would understand homophobia unless it bit you on the bum.

    1. ah ah! None of that bum stuff Peter! He’s trying to AVOID all that you see!

      He’s not homophobic just because gay people make him feel icky when he thinks about it.

  23. He’s not homophobic, he just doesn’t want to have to think about or look at faggots being married. How can you accuse him of homophobia for opposing gay rights and gay people? smh smh smh

  24. welcome to pathological liars

    Given that religion can get people to lfy planes full of people into buildings full of people, nothing surprises me.

    Dear lord Dear – if you dont like gays marrying dont marry one. Even though that would probably make you a happier person then you are


    William Shakespeare

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