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Israel: Debate on same-sex civil unions delayed by Prime Minister

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Reader comments

  1. How did the Israelis vote for the dreadful man a second time. He enjoys confrontation, with gays and the Palestinians – no peace domestically nor internationally.

    1. ‘…no peace domestically nor internationally…’

      that’s his recipe for re-election

  2. Teh problem with Israel s the orthodox torah thumpers. – total assholes.

    An orthodox killed PM Rabin in 1995 to prevent the peace treaty from happening

    A couple orthodox in the Knesset said in jan of 2009 – “gays are like bird flu”

    Orthodox from brooklyn new york created most of the illegal settlements in the west bank

    Welcome to religious madness of the extremist Jews. Too bad Israel cant simply send them back to Russia and the gulag.

    I’m so glad long ago I got myself kicked out of jewish religious school, and never looked back

    religion is the curse of humanity.

    How can Jews pray to a god that let the holocaust happen?

    Because there isnt any God.

    Ayuda: prenume=nombre; nume=apellido; oras=ciudad; tara=país.
    Recibirás un mail y debes clicar en el 2º enlace para confirmar.

  4. Israel is in Asia. No Asian country has adopted marriage equality. No Asian country has adopted civil unions. Only Israel in all of Asia has recognized gay marriages from overseas.

    Iran has used the strong support for gay rights by American and British Jews as a weapon against Israel.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jun 2013, 1:20pm

      New Zealand is part of the Asia-Pacific rim so it could be construed as an Asian country.

  5. A pattern seems to be emerging in the western world regarding the ‘sure but slow’ progress of gay equality – a significant number of older (outwardly) heterosexual men are dragging their feet or rushing to the barricades to frustrate moves towards equality proposed by younger generations and (most) women. Whats going on here? What do they fear? Something inside themselves perhaps?

  6. I guess on the positive side, it has not been dismissed outright, yet.

    Also, I never realised that they recognise same sex marriages from other countries so that should also be a positive thing?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jun 2013, 1:19pm

      It was the first and I think it’s the only country which recognised same-sex marriages performed elsewhere while not allowing it inside its own borders. Maybe there are others, but I’m not aware of any. I also think it may have been done to keep the equal marriage debate at bay in Israel. Heteros who don’t meet the requirements for religious marriages have to leave the country anyway and have a civil marriage, so why not gays? I could be wrong but it’s a possibility, although in the long run, I don’t think they’ll be able to delay it for much longer.

  7. Georg Friedrich 17 Jun 2013, 6:29pm

    The biggest community in Israel are Russian speaking immigrants from former Soviet block, and specificity of “Holy land” means: religious-political influence from the Vatican and from Arab world. No surprise that gay marriage still is only an dream here. Its little wonder indeed that at least Tel Aviv is more or less gay friendly.

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