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Ian McKellen, Elton John and David Furnish become new faces of Pride London

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Reader comments

  1. poo eating rights 17 Jun 2013, 8:40pm

    The usual suspects I see.
    Why march though? Homosexuality has absolutely no benefit to the wider society in fact as a group they are the most promiscuous by far.
    Did you know that homosexual males are 50 times more likely to have the HIV plague and far more likely to have HPV, I am sure the unlawful infestation of cottaging homosexuals in our public toilets (how romantic) which is a uniquely homosexual ‘pastiime’ has absolutely nothing to do with it and I am sure the innocent children have no problem with the deviance in the next cubicle!

    1. Is that why you are not out of the closet yet. That may be an activity some chose, gay or straight, but when you come out, you can chose the lifestyle you wish to have. You don’t have to have sex in a public toilet; although, given the self-hatred and bile you have bubbling inside of yourself, you most likely will. So before coming out, I recommend you do some hardcode therapy with a good therapist.

      As for poo eating. Did you know most money has trace amounts of poo -adult or appropriate word: faeces- on it. Now go wash your hands, mouth and mind, and stop bulling people from behind your computer. Then, go to your phone and call a therapist, cause if your are doing this, you fit into the insane category.

    2. You're lame 18 Jun 2013, 11:52am

      I’ll give you a 3/10 for trolling.

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