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Ex-Telegraph editor Charles Moore: Chief Rabbi wrong not to vote again equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. ““Opposing gay marriage now is as brave as being openly gay was in 1970”,”

    Because homophobic bigots are being beaten in the street, forced into torturous ex-gay “therapy” and persecuted by the police. Right

  2. bobbleobble 17 Jun 2013, 3:49pm

    There is nothing brave about opposing same sex marriage.

  3. It’s his decision, not yours you idiot !!!! Reprove yourself, muppet.

  4. davevauxhall 17 Jun 2013, 3:50pm

    Even the Spectator readers didn’t fall for this load of self righteous stupidity.

  5. Of course, we’d expect nothing else from The Telegraph – that bastion of liberalism and socialist principles – not. Surely, it’s circulation must be dwindling … along with the demise of it’s ancient readership -and their vile, bigoted jurassic views …?

    1. de Villiers 18 Jun 2013, 8:31am

      It is the highest selling broadsheet in England.

  6. You horrible man. Take your disingenuous bigotry elsewhere.

  7. Charles Moore is a man of honesty and integrity and someone I admire. Even if I don’t agree with much of what he writes he deserves to be taken seriously. However he is simply wrong on this one. As “Sparky” has rightly pointed out, there are not gangs of thuggish gays beating up opponents of gay marriage.

  8. “To oppose gay ‘equality’ today is roughly as brave as it was to be publicly homosexual in, say, 1970:”

    A moronic thing to say and obviously said by someone who has no, absolutely no, idea what it was like to be openly gay in 1970.

    How many openly anti gay marriage proponents have been beaten up or killed on their way home Mr Moore?

    1. Sorry, was so incensed, I posted this before I read the other identical posts above.

      I am still fuming though.

  9. Mr Sacks has made his bigotry clear.

    However at least he had the common sense to understand that he has absolutely no mandate to be perverting our democracy in the manner the unelected House of Lords love to do.

    The House of Lords needs to be abolished.

    it is an utter disgrace that a pack of unelected geriatrics are allowed to hold the will of the elected House of Commons to ransom.

  10. Thatcher-worshipping rich posh right-wing lickspittle – what does he know about bravery? Sickening article.

  11. At least he’s honest. A complete d*ck but an honest one.

  12. By this logic, surely anyone who expresses their racist views must be considered brave too, in need of saluting?
    What an idiot.

    1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how he’d try to wriggle out of that one?

      Moore might be a respected writer but logic is clearly not his strong point.

  13. Orthodox Jews living in the age of leviticus

    1. cut off all their medical insurance benefits

    2 make them wear rags

    3. send them to the hinterlands and let them hunt animals for food with a club

    4. Send them all to afghanistan or saudi land where they have much in common with the muslim extremists

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