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European Parliament express concerns on lack of gay rights provision in trade treaty

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  1. Christopher in Canada 18 Jun 2013, 2:58am


    Now let’s talk about the rush of businesses making deals with China.

  2. If the EU was serious about stamping out human rights abuses, why not insist these bigoted and prejudiced nations introduce equality … or face sanctions, cuts in overseas aid, etc. Why? Because they’re not serious about equality. They make these ‘tut tut’ noises but know, when you’re dealing with ‘religiously-driven’ bigotry, you cannot shout too loudly for ‘offending belief’. Well, I’m offended everyday by religion telling me I’m a second-class citizen. It HAS to stop. ‘Believe’ what you want. But don’t use your belief to justify your own bigotry.

    1. Considering most countries in the EU don’t have equality their hypocrisy is astounding

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