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David Cameron to discuss Nigeria’s new anti-gay law with country’s politicians and leaders

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Reader comments

  1. … and willl ‘aid’ be up for discussion? It’s a disgrace that we are still supporting places like this. Our tax-payer money is being used to increase funding (between 2010 and 2015) by 116%. This is outrageous given their record on respecting the human rights of gay people.

    1. Not to mention the huge oil wealth that is going into the back pockets of the powerful and corrupt.

      How about 14 years for stealing public money?

      1. I’m not a mail reader either. in fact i’ve lived most of my life in “third” world countries! I’m not a believer in “aid”. The government aid and the big charities just goes to the rich people. Everybody knows this and indeed its more or less an acceptable way of the rich of one country to give something to the rich of another . . .although apparently your taxs pay for all this “charity”! These small scale charities aren’t much better! In practise they are all run by variousChristian organisations . these organisations are ALL homophobic! What is more not a few of them are also criminal and involved in sex slavery and underage gay prostitution. If you want to engage properly with an poor country then I think you should simply lower some of the trade barriers that exsist or where local laws allow do some direct investment!

    2. Look, there are probably quite a few people in Nigeria who a) have no problem with LGBTs and loads of poor people who don’t pass laws like this and who need aid from places like us to survive.

  2. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2013, 3:17pm

    I appreicate what he’s doing and it’s good a Prime Minister is making his point heard.

    However it’s simple, really.

    If you’re going to make our country pay for others in massive Foreign Aid while expecting cuts here then we have a right to demand where that aid goes and it cut from.

    Pass this law shouldn’t be the selling point, though I hope it is. The fact a law even exists suggests, aid should have been withdrawn ages ago.

  3. Abiye Tonye Romeo 25 Jun 2013, 2:45pm

    Nonsense… after this FOOL slapped Nigerians with a 3,000pounds bill for entering their country, he is going to have talks with regards to anti-gay law. This is Nigeria. The same way we do not meddle in your business we expect that you do not meddle in ours. Get it straight. We are still a religious and moral society and we cannot tolerate what the bible describes as the abominations that cause the desolation of nations to creep into our already fragile state. Move over David.

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