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US: Boy Scout leaders reprimanded for marching with gay pride parade

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  1. The Days of ’47 and Utah Pride are the two single largest annual public events in Utah. They are both absolutely cultural events, and it was only “political” from a mindset that treats all LGBT social existence as politics. Even “gay agenda” is a conspiracy theory invoked to justify a group animus, and is absolutely a political thing to say.

    This year, hundreds of straight Mormons marched in Utah Pride in support of their gay neighbours – several times the number of last year’s Pride. It was a beautiful expression of communal unity, welcomed by Utah’s LGBT community.

  2. By the way, here is a link to the story has it is being covered in the local Salt Lake Tribune. Salt Lake is a left-leaning city in largely hard-right-leaning Utah, so the comments section is especially colourful.

  3. Yesterday I was at Pride Scotia with the scouts and we got a brilliant reception :D

    1. Fantastic. :)

  4. The BSA will remain homophobic until its sponsors pull the plug. Money talks !

    That’s why it’s so important to encourage all remaining sponsors (including Exxon Mobil and AT&T) to follow the honourable lead set by Caterpillar, Chase Manhattan Bank, CVS Pharmacy, UPS, Merke, Chipotle and Intel and withdrawing sponsorship of such a bigoted organisation.

    1. Agreed.

      The decision by the Utah BSA council is backup by the national organisation. Deron Smith, a national spokesman for the BSA said:  ”These individuals, many of whom are not registered in Scouting, expressed a personal opinion and do not represent the Boy Scouts of America,”

      So BSA basically is saying it’s not ok to be openly gay, you know being honest with yourself and everyone around you. Just what sort of morally backwards organisation is this?

  5. The language itself is suspicious. A’political agenda’ is a bit like a strong regional accent – something somebody else does. What kinds of public parades are uniformed scouts permitted to participate in, I wonder?

  6. “We were very disappointed that you used Scouting to advance the gay agenda at the Utah Pride Parade,” council leaders wrote, addressing Brownstein.”

    The ‘gay agenda!’ LMAO- Sounds like some Austin Powers villainous scheme.
    And now, Mister Powers, I will GAYANISE YOU, with my gay agenda machine! Mu-uhahaha!!!!

  7. Gay agenda:
    1. Equality
    2. Equality
    4. Refer to items 1 2 and 3

    Thought everyone had a copy ;)

  8. Paul from New York 17 Jun 2013, 3:34am


    1) A men [people] are created equal, have equal protection under the law – life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Also full equality, liberty and justice for all!

    2) Refer to paragraph (1).

    1. Sign a letter of apology stating they had been disobedient? Sounds as though the Scouters could be court martialled – its a voluntary organisation for youth not a branch of the military.

  9. There needs to be a separate BSA

    Bigot scouts of america.

    Sure the BSA has made progress, but we’ve got to hold their feet to the pile of poop they had until the finish the job.and allow gay leaders.

    EG the day you are 18, if your gay, out of the scouts you go, because then you can only be a leader.and you cant be gay

  10. Ah! So it’s OK for religion to use The Boy Scout movement for political ends … but not the people who work within the organisation? What a crazy, repressed, schizophrenic country the good ole’ US of A is. Families will happily sit at home and watch a movie in which Arnie machine-guns heads off bodies – but you show two guys kissing – or, god forbid, a NIPPLE …. and moral armaggedon breaks out! Come on, people. Grow UP – for god’s sake (pun intended).

  11. And yet. . . Nothing has been said about a young man in full Scout uniform carrying the Mormons Building Bridges banner.

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