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UK: Muslim group seeks mosques for all sexualities

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Reader comments

  1. I welcome this initiative, it’s good to see that gay Muslims are finally speaking out, but still I can’t deny Islam is in the core an intolerant and backwards religion and this feels like seeing chickens looking for inclusive KFC factories.

    1. This is no different from the core teachings of both Christianity and Judaism (if you know your Bible). Both of hear religions retain some of this fundamentalist intolerance. We should be encouraging Islam to reform rather than being sceptical about it.

      1. Agreed, both doctrines are intolerant in various ways. I’m no fan of any religion. Still, I think it’s much more difficult and dangerous for a Muslim to push the boundaries on what is acceptable in their community, than a Christian in his/her own. At least in the west anyway. I hear some awful things occurring in some third world Christian communities, that would make an Islamic extremist blush. But we rarely hear about these things. Female children being burned by her Christian community because she was accused of being a witch, still a common occurrence in some parts of the world.
        Bottom line, religion needs neutering. It’s fine to believe and attend worship. But not to impose your doctrine on others, especially those outside the faith, and of vulnerable children.

        1. None of this insanity should be tolerated.

          Christians, Muslims, Sunnis, Shias etc etc ad nauseum..

          All of it should be consigned to the bin where it belongs.

          It is clear, that this planet will continually have wars whilst all this religious bullcrap exists.

          Not in my lifetime, I know.

          But somehow it must be done.

      2. Yes, but most Christian (and Israel) have gone a long way in gay and women rights compared to Muslim states: just look at which countries have the strongest restrictions on women rights and which ones persecute gays the most. There is almost full overlap with Islamic countries, save a few exceptions in Subsaharan Africa.

        1. ‘…There is almost full overlap with Islamic countries, save a few exceptions in Subsaharan Africa…’

          errr, few exeptions??? you mean like south africa???

    2. Jakob Hedin 18 Jun 2013, 10:41am

      I think you should study a little sufism and see if you still think the same!

  2. A better idea would be to open centres to de-brainwash gay muslims and women who are treated worse than dogs by their religion throughout the islamic world.

  3. I’m not sure there’s any point to this. Would there have been any benefit in providing Jewish-friendly branches of the National Socialist movement in the 1930s? This could just mislead people into thinking that perhaps Islam can be reformed into a modern, liberal ideology. This is to completely misunderstand the fundamentals of the religion. It cannot be reformed to any meaningful extent. There cannot be an “enlightenment” or “reformation” as there was with Christianity. The strategy outlined in this article simply diverts people from the real task which should be to de-brainwash people who have grown up in this environment.

    1. you say “It cannot be reformed to any meaningful extent. There cannot be an “enlightenment” or “reformation” as there was with Christianity.” – why not? The people proposing these mosques are Muslims too – why do you consider their inclusive version of Islam an invalid one?

      Ultimately they aim to improve relations between the Muslim and LGBT community, which is an admirable goal, and one in which I really hope they succeed. On the other hand, attitudes like yours can only create further divisions. You are not going to “de-brainwash” all the Muslims; you’re just going to provoke hostility. But I suppose maybe that’s what you were going for.

      (oh and spoiler alert: the EDL don’t like gays either)

      1. “Provoke hostility”?

        Where have you been living ? In a cave?

        Islam is a self confessed religion that wants to take over the world and wipe out all those who are unwilling. Where’s the room for enlightenment there?

        How many christians jews or buddhists have flown passenger jets into skyscrapers?

        They have about as much chance of building an inclusive mosque as you do of getting the pope to marry two men.

        In liberal Morocco a non muslim cannot even enter a mosque as we are unclean. Any muslim tourist can enter St Paul’s cathedral.

    2. If Christianity can have a so-called ‘enlightenment’ then why can’t Islam? Don’t get what you mean.

      1. Monotheism is a rather more ridid than the basically polytheistic christianities ans their secular colocataires! The Jews have been in Europe since Roman times but they only began to adapt a little to secular thinking in about 1750 when reform judaism was born in Francfurt. There have been some secular movements within Islam but they finished excluded as sects like the ahmadians or live a rather uncomfortable diocotomised existence like the so called secular Turkish states! I don’t think Islam will ever be liberalised! But inshallah that doesn’t mean that gay muslims don’t have a place in their soceities and it doesn’t mean that Islam is not for Gay people !

        1. In other words.

          All of these lunatics make it up as they go along.


  4. Separate but equal: it works wonders.

  5. I applaud their courage. It’s never easy to push the boundaries and customs within the Islamic community.

    1. So do I but they will be swinging on the end of cranes sooner than you think.

  6. “unwelcoming towards openly gay people.”

    Talk about understatement.

  7. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2013, 9:33am

    It’s a welcome move.

    I have to say to those others to say LGBT people, women & Disabled can’t worship!! Think that says it all about Islam. It’s absolutely shameful.

    I hope can get on with this mosque without the fear I’m kinda expecting from other Muslims. They have to accept that in this country LGBT people, women And the disabled Should all be treated equally.

  8. I think all religion is dangerous bunk, but good luck to them. I hope they stay safe.

  9. islam and other muslims will not accept this, and these people attempting to reform Islamic spaces are already aware of repercussions . It would be better to support ex muslims who have escaped the tyranny of brainwashing.

  10. Yes, good luck to them but they will be considered Muslims only by themselves. Reading comments above I am moved to point out that Islam and Christianity, while both ridiculous, are not the same. Muslims believe that every word in the Koran is the actual word of God and therefore not open to modern interpretation this means Islam will always be stuck in the Middle Ages. Good luck to the inclusive mosque but I’m pretty sure it will be destroyed.

  11. What can I say? A step in the right direction. I wish you all the best and keep on walking.

  12. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 9:36am

    We need to support this initiative and call for all ministers of religion to be properly qualified. If a national register were set up along the lines that those for teachers or social workers and all ministers had to have a degree in theology or another degree plus a post-graduate Diploma in ministry, then there would be more control over how all places of worship operated and outside organisations could then decide which ones to support on the basis of how inclusive they were. It would also then be possible to take legal action against religious leaders that incited hatred at conventicles.

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