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Mixed martial arts boss to fighter who linked equal marriage to incest: ‘Leave talking to smart people’

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Reader comments

  1. Love that response. Probably more effective than a fine or other sanction. Especially towards the world.

    Boxing boy is a prime example btw that your face be terribly cute and your body hot as hell but if you lack the smarts and empathy you’re nevertheless a massive turn off.

    1. *can be

      bloody insomnia hours

  2. Looks like a bag of walnuts, has the intelligence of a walnut.

  3. I think his opinion is full of sh!t and total rubbish,however he’s too insignificant to be worried about.His opinions don’t warrant for anything,he’s not a politician,his opinion will not become
    law.Instead,worry about those REPUBLICAN politicians,their bigoted opinions become laws.

  4. Haha! One of the best rebukes ever!

  5. Floridahank 15 Jun 2013, 7:11pm

    Dana White, head of UFC said, ” He should stick to finger painting or fighting and leave the talking to smarter people. He didn’t hurt anybody.”

    Maybe White should stick to finger painting and leave the talking to smarter peoplel. Is White an expert on sexual behavior? I doubt it.

  6. Christopher Coleman 15 Jun 2013, 9:13pm

    Thomson is echoing the views of many people assumed to be smart: politicians and church leaders. No need to smack him down so harshly. It just needs to be pointed out to him that same-gender marriage is an extension of rights and privileges to people whose current relationships break no laws. Incest, on the other hand, is unlawful. The acceptance of one does not imply the acceptance of the other. Commonsense answers are best, I think, in such situations. Let’s reserve rudeness for the well-educated people with responsibility, the people who should know better, like politicians and church leaders.

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