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German Cabinet adopts bill to give gay couples equal tax benefits

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 15 Jun 2013, 2:48pm

    Yes, yes, very good, very late and make sure you back-date it — you score 7/10 for doing it, and I’m going to take off 5 points because it’s frigging 2013 and where the flip were you????!?!!

    Now, gay marriage next – in line with civilized countries, and get your stupid archaic adoption laws sorted out so you aren’t discriminating there too.

    And don’t EVER put your religious views BEFORE the needs for fairness and equality for EVERYBODY in Germany again.

    It is really good news they saw the light, and very quickly and without mass divisions in their own party, and I hope this will now lead to a far more inclusive and progressive move to full equality, at which time my faith in Germany will be restored. So good job, keep it up.

    1. Yor won the war – get over it!

      1. GulliverUK 15 Jun 2013, 3:45pm

        Hah, did we? I’ve got a Bosch washing machine, tumble dryer, power tools and worked for Siemens (awful company btw). I’m just surprised Germany weren’t leading the way and showing the rest of Europe how human rights must be respected. But I’m impressed that they changed their minds very quickly and didn’t make a fuss about it, and are not going to appeal the court’s decision.

        ps. The war is old news – you shouldn’t really mention it! :-p

        1. “Hah, did we?”

          No, actually you’re right, you did not!
          The UK lost an empire, youre food is still bad and your economy is a joke.
          And young Britons seek refugee for a weekend in Berlin, because pubs in Britain are oviously not able to serve enough alcohol.

          No offense, darling! Love the UK. Who would’nt love a living museum?

          1. Beelzeebub 16 Jun 2013, 8:37pm

            You are joking. I live in Bremen. What a backward dump.

  2. michaelandfred 15 Jun 2013, 2:57pm

    Petulant little Angela, pulled kicking and screaming like a little child to do the right thing, and what the country wants. Time to change governments. Germany has one of the highest rates of acceptance in europe for same sex couples yet she constantly cowers before a conservative minority that will always vote for her.

    1. I expect equailty to move foward in 2014/15 considering all possible election outcomes

  3. Stupid Christians.
    Reject tax breaks for them, and allow everyone else the breaks. See how they like it.
    It’s the same in every damn country. The religious bigots suppressing the rights of those who don’t fit into their narrow little worldview.
    There will come a day when secularists outnumber the religious, history will remember your crimes. You’ll have a taste of your own medicine coming your way. And when you’re seeking answers, just remember how you treat everyone else when it was your time.

  4. Those foot-dragging idiots finally did something despite knowing too well that they would lose the “tax inequality case” in the Constitutional Court. Whats’ more pathetic is that such delay is nothing but a show to please the most bigoted wing of CDU and its sister CSU. Maybe that’s the spirit of German pragmatism. (shrug)

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 15 Jun 2013, 7:23pm

    Aller Anfang ist schwer ! Angela, was kommt nun. Ich weiss : Gleiche Menschenrechte für unsere Freunde in Deutschland. Verheiratung für “Gays” und “Lesbians” – Das liegt klar zu Tage ! ( Helge- Norwegen )

  6. When Is Same Sex Marriage Gonna CoMe In Germany? Germany Is More PreparEd THan France I Think For It!

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Jun 2013, 5:53am

    Have you noiticed that both Angela Merkel from Germany and Julia Gillard from Australia have the same beliefs on hating LGBT people and still supporting the current bans on marriage equality – both nations of Germany and Australia still to this very day ban same sex marriage(s)!

    Go figure!

    I predict that…

    Both Germany and Australia will have same sex marriage(s) in 2017 and both Switzerland (by referendum) and Finland in 2018!

    Both the United Kingdom and Ireland (but not including Northern Ireland) will have same sex marriage(s) by 2015!

    1. I guess I am a little more optimistic than you, I predict that marriage equalty shall be legislated after the German elections, and possibly singed into law by the end of next year.

      Things will take a little longer in Australia due to the extremely bigoted leadership of Tony Abott in the Liberal Party who are expected to win the election later this year.

      The UK should have marriage equality by this time next year.

      And hopefully a few more US States: California, Illinois, Hawaii, New Mexico.

      1. New Jersey as well

    2. Beelzeebub 16 Jun 2013, 8:44pm

      And the one thing holding it all back is silly old men in frocks who cling to ancient unsubstantiated miss and re translated tales of old.

      They hold humanity back from its potential.

      Not to do so would invalidate the 2000 years of lies they have peddled.

      Crimes against humanity.

      These people should be the first in the dock.

  8. given that te germans murdered a 100,000 gays in the death camps, one would think that they would be a world leader in marriage

    But not when the curse of humanity is still alive- religion

    “christian democrats” btw is an Oxymoron

    The catholic church gave the ex pope a cushy apartment in the vatican. Given what this monster did re the jews, he should have been EXcommunicated

    But wait till Ireland – the most catholic country in the world passes marriage. The vatican will expload.

    What is going on – here………….

  9. Helge Vladimir Tiller 17 Jun 2013, 2:30pm

    300 000 thousand gays and lesbians were slaughtered by the Nazis in Germany.

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