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US: President Obama urges Congress to pass bill to end anti-LGBT workplace discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 14 Jun 2013, 1:41am

    Thanks Obama, you’re a star!

    I’m glad that there’s at least one voice of reason in that country.

  2. It is incredible that this sort of discrimination can exist in a supposedly modern country. There is no room for discrimination of any sort.

    As for Obama, my respect for you grows daily. I hope that Hillary Clinton is your successor.

  3. “Senator Marco Rubio said in an interview that he did not think LGBT people deserved “special protection” against being sacked”

    He’s right. And when straight people start being sacked for being straight we will have full equality. What a complete moron.

  4. Godric Godricson 14 Jun 2013, 8:42am

    From a British point of view it seems strange that the President has real international power and at the same time appears powerless in matters of equality. President Obama (who I admire) appears to be “calling for” equality rather than driving change. I don’t understand US politics that much although the US Presidency seems a contradiction of power and powerlessness especially in matters of human rights.

  5. I urge everyone to use firefox and download ad block to stop those wretched ads on either side of the web page. they are killing the the web

    1. Completely unrelated to the story, but yes I agree.
      This page, and others load much much faster than they did before.

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