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Pro-equal marriage rally to take place on Monday ahead of House of Lords committee stage

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Reader comments

  1. Some people may not realise that you don’t HAVE to play roulette on the website.

    Just go to, then click “Which Peers Are Out4Marriage”.

    This will bring up a list of ALL the peers.

    You can click on the name of ANY peer you want and immediately send them an email.

    lobby lobby lobby!

    Time is running short!

  2. So-can anybody tell me exactly WHAT is being voted on on Monday?

    Is it all these amendments? Or just one of them? An if so which one on Monday. And then-what about the other amendments-when will they be voted on????

  3. Colin (London) 14 Jun 2013, 6:08pm

    I’m back in london and I’ll be there from 3.30pm.

    We need to show the strength of our feelings. Come on brothers and sisters come straight from work etc

    Shout loud and Proud

  4. PeterinSydney 14 Jun 2013, 8:31pm

    Good to see there is ongoing action. The Lords vote was impressive, now it must be held firm through the whole process.

    1. Rob in Melbourne 15 Jun 2013, 3:22am

      Yes, hopefully Equal Marriage in the UK will put pressure on the Australian Federal Parliament to legalise Equal Marriage Rights.

  5. We NEED to be there! Show support to the bill! Let the Lords know our sentiment! Pass the bill ASAP! God bless the Queen and our Kingdom!

  6. I’m going!

    P.S. Anyone knows where I can buy rainbow flag in central London?

  7. unfortunately couldn’t go to the last one because of an exam but i’m definitely going to be at this one! 16 year olds can come too right?

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