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Gay police officer leaves Savile inquiry job in order to take part in Big Brother

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Reader comments

  1. …a great rolemodel… ffs!

    1. Agree totes!!!

  2. I have just one question……WHY?

    1. That There Other David 14 Jun 2013, 3:17pm

      The clue is probably in his location ;-)

    2. Gene in L.A. 14 Jun 2013, 8:14pm

      Why not??

      1. Have you heard of morals, in L.A?. We respect our policemen here as people upholding our moral values. Ditching something as worthwhile as uncovering widespread paedophilia here in the UK for appearing on a trash TV show is not something one would hope for in a member of the police force. I appreciate he may have quit the police force in order to embark on this ride at the funfair, but given the circumstances of which I’m aware I can’t respect him for doing so. I would admire him more for having said no to trash TV and the opportunity to flaunt his body, and having said yes to sticking with Operation Yewtree and police-force.

        1. Gene in L.A. 14 Jun 2013, 11:09pm

          So your knee-jerk reaction to my question was to question the general level of morals in L.A., because that’s where I am? I think that says more about you than about the whole affair.

          1. Being a generally optimistic sort i’d like to think Eddy’s comment was not so much about slamming LA, but trying to explain why this move is so emotionally charged over here in the UK. Operation Yewtree is the specific case which has rocked our countries view of its celebrity “icons” and Big Brother is widely held as the worst example of cheap broadcasting. To go from the former to the latter for the sake of 15 minutes of fame – well, i’m sure all people everywhere expect more from their police forces.

  3. On t'other hand 14 Jun 2013, 4:04pm

    So long as he maintains confidentiality what he does after leaving the Police is his own business. Nice pecs by the way.

  4. An absolutely beautiful man. I don’t know why it would be a problem for him to be on that TV show. Maybe straight people are afraid of a good looking public role model being gay.
    I want to see more pictures of him.

  5. Is he still in the police force or not? The article says he quit the Yewtree Investigation to do the show, but has he quit the police force? If so, I’m not impressed. His choice, of course.

    If he HAS quit the police for good, then he’s surely free to do whatever he wants with his life, though obviously he must not discuss the ongoing Yewtree matter.

  6. Who cares? He’s hot!

    And seriously, I don’t see the problem. Police investigations like that can go on for years – does that mean that nobody should be able to leave them?

  7. Now I know why so many have lost faith in the police if they’d rather be media whoring than solving/deterring crime. Big embarrassment for the police and big let down for those who are victims of this case and see a flippant , gay guy rather be on some z list show than assist victims of paedophilia.

    1. From nickerless: also wanted to say he would NEVER EVER reveal any unauthorised information about any case if indeed he is or was a police officer !!!! FACT…. Secrets and lies…. !!!!!

  8. Christopher in Canada 15 Jun 2013, 12:49pm

    Makes you kind of feel sorry for str8 men, eh? All those pecs, and no one to appreciate them… I’m so glad to be gay – my glass is so full it overflows! Can you imagine being str8 and only experiencing half of what you could? Sad…

    If only those x-ray glasses I got as a kid, ordered out of a comic book, actually COULD let me see through clothes…!

  9. Dat chest……..

  10. Christopher in Canada 16 Jun 2013, 12:52am

    I see a bunch of Prudie McPrudes have been thumbing down a lot of our comments! Like to see THEM in a tank top! (probably not…)

    The brain is part of the body. I can be intellectual while using my anatomy for other, equally enjoyable things at the same time.

  11. Although I’m not really a Big Brother fan, I really can’t see any reason to be critical of his choice. Maybe he’s attended one too many stabbings, maybe he’s had to catalogue a few too many child porn photos from someone’s laptop or maybe he’s just tired of a rotating shift pattern that is known to shorten a lifespan (hence the early retirement age).
    We don’t know why he’s leaving, but if people think he’s shallow enough to want to leave JUST for a shot at Big Brother then it says more to me about their attitudes than his.
    When we see ‘real’ police on TV it’s nearly always ‘stiff and starchy’ types with about as much appeal as a party political broadcast. Maybe he will remind everyone that there’s a human being under that uniform.

  12. Surely, having a police officer whom youngsters these days can look at and say wow he’s not just a uniform figure, a more mature guy but who is gay but also has had some indecision in his life, as he has a child and is now also a proud gay figure to see as only human as everyone else in this world, should reflect positively on the police force as in earlier years the police would not have looked at a potential recruit if they were of ethnic origins other than white, women and lastly gay !!! I would have thought would reflect as a positive, forward moving establishment, more so than 20+years ago… I would like to know which force he originated from, as I have read he was ‘originally ‘ from Essex, but officers don’t just join Scotland,I respect his choices and hope he can set a precedence for those to follow, not just within the police but also those other male dominated establishments that the afore mentioned faults still remain and the youth do not respect, my hat off to him

    1. From nickerless: also wanted to say he would NEVER EVER reveal any unauthorised information about any case if indeed he is or was a police officer !!!! FACT…. Secrets and lies…. !!!!!

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