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Church of England to ask gay clergy about their sex life as part of bishop selection process

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Reader comments

  1. I would put money on “being in a long term gay relationship” being an instant NO, while “i like being flogged by elderly women whilst dressed as a gnome” is no bar to becoming a Bishop.

    1. I agree. It’s not sexual activity, it’s orientation itself that forms the bar.

    2. Ya know?
      I sometimes find the comments section at PN FAR more entertaining than the actual articles!

      thanks for my morning laugh.

  2. Christopher Kay 14 Jun 2013, 7:59pm

    I wonder if straight candidates are asked intimate questions about if, how, and how often they screw their wives…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jun 2013, 8:18pm

      Almost all straight clergy are married, so the question probably wouldn’t arise. It’s a disgusting criterion anyway. They wonder why their pews are empty on a sunday and people are completely turned off. Opposition to female bishops and sexually active gay men in a legal union. Time for the disestablishment word to gain more meaning and respect.

    2. PeterinSydney 14 Jun 2013, 8:34pm

      And also ask the straight dudes how they have sex with their wives. Do they use the back passage, which seems to be the only concern with gay candidates.

      1. back passage, lol

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jun 2013, 1:52pm

        Yes, Peter, some of them most certainly do use the ‘back passage’. My goodness, I haven’t heard that word since the 50s, and now I’m giving away my age in the process. Some of them also engage in oral sodomy, another act religion condemns. Their blatant hypocrisy is so outrageous.

    3. On the other hand 15 Jun 2013, 12:21am

      Masturbation is a mortal sin. Do they ask about that?

    4. Or more relevantly in this case, do they screw men on the side?

      1. a lot easier on your stomach… or on your back…

  3. PeterinSydney 14 Jun 2013, 8:33pm

    What a bitter and twisted organization is the Anglican Church. Can they ever stop all this homophobic nonsense. It is expected of the medieval Catholics but not of the Anglicans of Henry VIII.

  4. This is so prurient and intrusive, what a sick and homophobic church, it totally disgusts me.

  5. GulliverUK 14 Jun 2013, 9:29pm

    Apart from being totally inappropriate and highly impertinent, they must ensure they ask all candidates the same questions, straight or gay – if they discriminate they’re likely to get in to one hell of a fight with the law / government.

    1. Good point.

  6. What’s next, asking these questions while under polygraph examinations? LOL.

  7. They are more obsessed about gay sex than must gay men!

  8. Could that church get any sicker.

    1. Honestly I don’t know, but be careful what you wish for!

      Will they be asking heterosexual men (for it is only men at the moment) if they like to lick tits or down below, and do they like the missionary position? Are they in to S&M (or whatever it’s called) ? Do they like to be spanked? Do they like their partner to talk dirty to them? What sex toys do they use? Which type of lube if any? Do they always use condoms? Do they like their partner to perform fingering and which parts? Does their partner own a 12″ black monster cock? How big is their penis when fully erect? Do they use any stimulants like viagra? I mean, exactly what level of detail do they want ? !!

      The Church of England contains some very sick people in its leadership, because I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some which actually wanted to know the answer to these questions.

      ps. Obviously I’m restraining myself on this open comments area !! :D

  9. So are they saying that any sexual act between opposite sexes is ok, but any sexual act between same sex couples isnt ? Theyre even more bonkers than I thought they were.

    1. I think that is the general belief they hold to, anything goes for a married heterosexual couple.

  10. GulliverUK 14 Jun 2013, 9:49pm

    Just lie.

    Everything about religion is a lie, what’s one more ? :)

    1. Sue De Nimes 15 Jun 2013, 9:16am

      Hate filled bigot

      1. GulliverUK 15 Jun 2013, 3:01pm

        I’ll debate Christianity with you any day – but have a listen to, for example, an expert and ex-fundamentalist evangelical like Bart Erhman, who has no axe to grind. If people want to believe in it, no problem. If people try to impose ANY of it on me, they’re being tyrants.

        I’ve reached the age and level of understanding and knowledge that allows me to be 99.999% sure there is no God, never was. If you want to believe in it I’m happy if it gives you strength, but for many others religion has blighted their lives and the number of deaths from religious conflicts and bigotry is astronomical.

        Right now religious bigotry threatens our human and civil rights, and it’s not for any high ideas but power and selfishness. I realise we’re talking any crazy wingnuts, sociopaths, intolerant vicious people here, and your average Christian is quite the opposite, but those against it are those running these religions, the leaders, and they have power, and they want to remain all powerful.

  11. “>>>the archbishop of the province in which he is serving will wish to satisfy himself…”

    But would he still be celibate?

  12. DavidonCloud9 14 Jun 2013, 11:33pm

    Brings back memories of Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinski. Who is going to precisely define the red line in sexual activity and where will it fall? Just how outrageous and inhuman are the CofE authorities. The trouble appears to be that they do not recognise an act of love between fellow human beings.

  13. NYB! “Not Your Business!” It’s very likely if your involved in the Porn industry it is a question that could be asked… other wise gay or straight questions about sex life are personal and not a job or qualification requirement.

    If the C of E figures it has the right to ask… people should tell them otherwise and where to go!

  14. The great thing about religion is that they are so obsessed with painting themselves into a tight corner using dogma that when they are trapped by their own ludicrous opinions like this they cannot even see how ludicrous they look to outsiders.

    This is actually hilarious, we should just point and laugh. They are a complete joke to rational people and don’t even have the slightest clue as to how insane they look.

    If you were to make a film to ridicule religion you could not do better than this.

    “Yes you can be a bishop but I want proof of what you intend to do with your cock first”

    Hilarious insanity.

  15. The Church of England requiring gay employees and specifically those gay employees who are in committed, loving relationships, to reveal details about their sex lives is obviously an exercise intended to single out, intimidate and humiliate those gay employees.

    It further illustrates what we already know, that elements in the church leadership are prurient and bigoted homophobes.

    An honest translation and interpretation of scripture simply does not support the churches institutionally bigoted, anti-gay and homophobic stance.

  16. Next time you hear some MP or Lord or Archbishop whinging on about their having their hallowed rights being eroded by the nasty gay rights lobby, chuck this one back in their face.

    I can’t think of any other employer in the UK who could legally ask their staff about their sex life, can you?

  17. Jock S. Trap 15 Jun 2013, 10:49am

    Er – could they be any more obsessed with sex?

    Funny thing is they continue to claim they are people with morals.

  18. Godric Godricson 15 Jun 2013, 11:08am

    Try explaining this t anyone under 30 and see their reaction. No wonder the Churches are empty.

  19. Christopher in Canada 15 Jun 2013, 12:55pm

    Such questioning is illegal in Canada…

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jun 2013, 1:55pm

    I think the CoE should also inquire into the sex lives of royalty. I remember when Charles was trysting with Camilla behind Diana’s back and in a hacked phone conversation was heard to be saying he wished he were one of her tampons. I don’t think any gay person could ever conceive of saying such a thing but it makes you wonder what some of them get up to in their bedrooms.

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