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US: Southern Baptist Convention officially ‘disapproves’ of Boy Scouts inclusivity but doesn’t cut ties

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Reader comments

  1. The sooner the BSA distances itself from the religious right the better it will be for all.

    1. Distance itself from religion altogether. Religion should have no official sway in anything outside the home. And even then it should be subject to national law. Ie, forced marriages or ‘honor killings’.
      I don’t care for one’s personal beliefs. Until they infringe on mine.

  2. “has the potential to
    complicate basic
    understandings of male
    friendships, needlessly
    politicize human sexuality,
    and heighten sexual
    tensions within the Boy

    They really think kids are as stupid as the average adult and as equally sex-obsessed as the average religious zealot…

    1. With this statement they assume that there are no gays currently in the BSA. they are so bloody stupid.

    2. They are obsessed with sex, why do you think boys and girls are segregated into different troops, all religious segregation is based on an obsession of sex by perverts at the top.

      1. the Scout Association in the UK has, of course, openly admitted girls as members for decades. (some of us were members a lot earlier than that :-) ) Is THAT a problem with male leaders and girls – or between male and female members? The cubs have had female leaders – do they target the young boys?

        Part of the arguement seems to be that the scout promise includes “do your duty to God” – and they see that as being breached by admitting gay members (which is a load of b******t of course). But they conveniently overlook the fact that the original promise also went on to say “and the King/ Queen” – which is not part of the BSA promise. If they want to talk about traditions – they need to get the basis right in the first place.

        And of course there are gay members and leaders and have been for 100 years! Sometimes there has been inappropriate behaviour – just as happens between teachers and pupils and youth leaders and members and, of course, priests and their congregations!

  3. This should come as no surprise to anyone who realizes that the Southern Baptist Church was formed specifically over their support for slavery. They broke away from the American Baptist Church that supported abolition. They have a tradition to uphold!

  4. Faith interfering again where it has no place! how can the scouts move forward then religion is holding it back?

    I realize I am slightly off topic… although the connection of faith and evangelical groups from the US was discussed on the CBC Canada today. I hope people excuse me using this connection to post this here in the absence of a current appropriate news forum.

    It appears that the Uganda “KILL THE GAYS” Bill is to be tabled in again in the next couple of days. A prominent Ugandan LGBT activist was interviewed at length today and spoke of US groups being the primary basis of the growing bigotry in his country. The interview is informative and I hope people take advantage to download the podcast from the Current @ CBC Radio Canada.

  5. Translated as:

    We are mad about this but we need the cash. So we are principled, but basically driven by money.

  6. “the largest Protestant denomination in the US, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), adopted a resolution to disapprove of the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) recent decision to allow ‘Asian’ youth members.”

    Imagine that.
    I find it nauseating just how much religious influence BSA has. Imagine it being astrology, or ufology? But it’s ok for those who have imaginary friends namely a dictator who punishes people eternally for thought crimes alone, have such an influence over a youth program.
    It’s insane

  7. On the other hand 13 Jun 2013, 10:10am

    I’m always amazed at the number of so-called Christians in America who have no empathy, and particularly when it comes to young people going through the trauma of realising that they are gay and have no one to talk to about it. In America, if you do confide in someone in your Scout troupe, they just kick you out, possibly scaring you for life. Just how Christian is that exactly?

    1. On the other hand 13 Jun 2013, 10:12am

      *troop, scarring

  8. Who cares what the SBA decide or say? They have NO authority over ANYONE. Even ‘Christians’ are ‘free in Christ’ and definitely not subject to attempted imposed teachings of power-corrupted, holier than thou men!!

  9. SilenceIsGolden 13 Jun 2013, 10:36pm

    1. Depending on where they are, church rooms might be the only location available for Boy Scouts meetings.
    2. I’m wondering about the “unofficial” intention behind not severing ties: this way, they can get their claws on little gay boys and try to “save” them. Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure they didn’t establish a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. So if there’s a religious nutter leading a BS group, he might ask the kids and then straight away (pardon the pun) send them to “pray away the gay.”

  10. Southern baptists – the people who made America the second to last nation in the western world to end slavery, the only one to need a war to do so, and then they came up with segregation

    Which is exactly what the BSA has re its leadership

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