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US: GOP Senator says he thinks businesses should be able to sack people for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. Or just say

    ‘People may get fired for matters absolutely not related to their capacity and performance in their jobs’.

    Because that is what it is, as well as blatant discrimination.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Jun 2013, 12:02am

    Sacking people who may do an outstanding job but allowed to be terminated because their employer doesn’t like gay people? Apply that to ethnicity and religion and this catholic loon would be singing a very different tune.

    I’m sure there are many right wing loons on our own back benches who’d agree.

  3. When will we start using terror to draw a firm line in the sand?

  4. Presently we are at a point in time on our planet where we can choose the positive love and inclusion path or the negative fear and exclusion path as a route to follow, I think it’s obvious that Grand Old Party senator Marco Rubio is heading down the negative path.

  5. James Savik 14 Jun 2013, 12:13am

    Sounds like the GOP didn’t learn a thin in 2008 or 2012.

  6. Since sexual orientation and gender identity is a subset of sex and discrimination on grounds of sex is not allowed and is already established law, as is discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, or religious afiliation his statement makes no sense unless he is a bigoted homophobic idiot.
    Also since the discrimination against gay people almost always seems to be on grounds of religion, then dismissing someone on the grounds of your religious belief and hated of a certain group based on those personally interpretated beliefs is blatent religious discrimination which is already prohibited by law! Or as the Senator says “thats established law”.
    Get out of that one slime ball.

  7. And for being bigoted, stupid and just downright vile…like this cretin.

  8. Christopher in Canada 14 Jun 2013, 2:34am

    The first contradiction is in the phrase “GOP Senator says he thinks”.

    1. lol Spot on! :-)

    2. He then says he hasn’t read the legislation. So he hasn’t read it but has thought about it and decided he is against it. Real Senator material.

      He doesn’t want special treatment for gays? Well he should support the legislation then because that is exactly what happens at present. Gays especially can be sacked for being who they are. That is special treatment.

  9. “When asked whether he thought there should be protections for race or gender, Rubio responded: “Well that’s established law.”

    Notice he didn’t actually answer the question but sidestepped it?

    Besides being a homophobe, I think the good Senator may also be sexist and racist.

    1. he’s a republican was there ever any doubt of any of that? lol

  10. Rubio, there should be no grounds for discrimination in the employment area other than the ability to do the job.
    I wonder how he feels about employment discrimination on the ground of being of Cuban/Latino extraction?

  11. Classic Bigot!! I Mean This Is The Fine Definition Of A Bigot! Against Anything!

  12. GulliverUK 14 Jun 2013, 7:31am

    Marco Rubio is all over the place, says everybody should be protected, then says wrong to protect on sexual orientation. As for his threat to withdraw support for the immigration bill – do it, he and the GOP have far more to lose by opposing immigration reforms than by including people who are gay in it. Scuppering the bill will highlight to all those people who have not really looked in to this legislation has nasty he and the GOP are – as a majority in the US support equal marriage, they sure as hell support equal rights for LGBT couples where one is from outside the US.

    Political strategy is what is lacking in the GOP. just like many religious-based organisations.

  13. Rubio will be on the next US Presidential election ticket. He is enemy number 1 for gay rights.

    Any legislation he is part of should be opposed in order to block him from building a record he can use in his future commercials.

    If he wants to give milk to poor babies it should be opposed until someone else is the author of the legislation.

    1. That There Other David 14 Jun 2013, 10:33am

      The way the GOP are going right now only a complete off the scale economic meltdown will see a Republican in the White House come 2016. Their demonising and downright divisive politics is out of step with the way the USA is moving. Sure it appeals to their core vote, but you don’t win an election in a two-party system if you get less than 50%, and right now they’ve completely lost the swing voters in the middle.

  14. What a vile excuse for a human being he is.

    I suggest that he looks up the meaning for the word contradiction as he is full of them, along with full of other s**t too!

  15. Guglielmo Marinaro 14 Jun 2013, 9:34am

    Does that mean that straight people should not have any “special protections” either against being fired from their jobs based on their sexual orientation? Stupid kʌnt.

  16. I wonder about the origins of the name ‘Rubio’. Italian? Jewish? Let’s suppose a law was to be passed which approved discrimination against Italians / Jews in the workplace. Would he think ‘no special laws’ were needed then? Vile individual. You can see the homophobia oozing from beind his cheesy grin. Do we detect a tad of ‘self-loathing’ at work here ….?

  17. Does he then agree that I should be able to sack someone for their religious beliefs?

  18. Well, I certainly think this guy should be fired for being a closet homosexual.

    1. Every person on the planet is a closet case according to you. Time to change the record.

      1. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Not to mention boring.

  19. Just another ignorant American. These idiots need to stop their war on drugs and declare war on homophobia.

  20. Jock S. Trap 14 Jun 2013, 10:44am

    And yet if you said businesses should be able to sack people for being religious, they suddenly become persecuted!

  21. PeterinSydney 14 Jun 2013, 1:19pm

    This pretty boy is a disgusting homophobe who should be run out of politics. He is very dangerous.

    1. ‘pretty boy’? I guess we have drastically different opinions on looks.

  22. The only “special protection” is the one which prohibits heterosexuals from being sacked because of their orientation.
    Gay people having the -SAME- status does not mean any “special protections” whatsoever.
    Now, can this guy please be sacked for having a f**k ugly face. Or do people of bad appearance have “special protections”?

  23. Staircase2 14 Jun 2013, 2:59pm

    What a bloody idiot

    So he’s effectively saying that LGBT companies should be able to discriminate against straight people in the workplace…

    Where do they get these people from? It’s like they’re growing them on the stupid farm or something…

  24. So he’ll resign when he’s caught in the men’s toilet?????? Posterior orifice!!!

  25. He might as well endorse the segregation laws of the 1950’s too. That is the republican platform, support business and social discrimination, no matter what complaints are made. They base their legal views on the Christian religion, much like the Taliban does.

  26. Janet Lameck 14 Jun 2013, 4:59pm

    Please post a list of those businesses that sack people for being gay. That way we can put the OUT OF BUSINESS!

  27. I find I amazing how Rubio’s parents fled Cuba to get away from Fidel Castro’s oppressive regime, and yet their son seems to want to repeat it. Perhaps he should change his first name to Fidel and just be done with all the game playing.

  28. Religion, not sexual orientation is a choice. If anything should be allowed to be discriminated against, its mentally unstable people who believe that an invisible man sits in the sky listening to their prayers, and punishing people for mere thought crimes. A beast that puts Adolph Hitler and Sadam Hussain to shame, and they demand we love and worship this fictitious monstrosity?
    People like this should be locked up if anything, not deciding who can hold what jobs based on their love life.

  29. Widdershins 14 Jun 2013, 10:02pm

    And how does he think those things became law? They certainly didn’t come down the mountain with Moses!

  30. If I had a small business – can I fire someone for being a racist, sexist or homophobic bigot?????

    Bigots are not protected from labor or employment legislation as well…

    Just saying!

  31. Maybe this Rubio problem, should be glad that the U.S.A was willing to grant his Cuban rump asylum/citizenship or he would’ve been a Castro internal refugee….

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