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US: Caterpillar Inc cuts ties with Boy Scouts over lack of progress on gay leadership

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 10:39pm

    Go, Caterpillar!! Great products, great people!

    You’ve become a butterfly in my eyes.

    We’re looking at you, John Deere and CASE/New Holland.

  2. In many ways it is sad that the BSA has allowed this situation.

    By reluctantly allowing openly gay youth to join, and still yet not allowing openly gay leaders to be members, they are pushing people away from scouts and giving the movement a bad reputation.

    This is hugely damaging, especially in contrast to the UK where the scout association positively encourages gay members to join, because many people overlook the potential good scouting can do.

    Not only can it provide a framework for good rolemodels and encourage young people to be insirational leaders and great teams players, it even helps teach survival skills, encourages sport, and generally has the potential to be another outlet for our youth to develop into healthy, sociable, tolerant and well rounded people.

    So the BSA disappoints me, not just because of their out of touch policy, but the damage it causes to the potentially very noble causes of the scout movement (as seen in places such as here in the UK).

  3. Thy are still more than happy to provide equipment to the IDF to demolish homes of Palestinians. I would no sooner wear their clothing line, than I would wear a swastika.

  4. Intel (my former employer btw), Merck, and I forget the 3rd one cut off funding to the BSA when the controversy erupted

    Hopefully they will contnue to cut off funding until gay leaders are ok in scouting

    A.ll these and I’m sure more companies, eg 80% fo the fortune 500 have non discrimination policies re gays

  5. Zoe Bremer 1 Jul 2013, 9:44am

    I had cause to complain last year that my local Jobcentre was accepting ads from the Scouts and from the Salvation Army. I’m not sure what was done about the matter but government organisations should not be seen to support the Scouts until the organisation’s employment policies are improved.

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