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Russia: Fans warn anti-gay law poses 2018 World Cup violence risk

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Reader comments

  1. GulliverUK 13 Jun 2013, 4:58pm

    Well we, apparently, can’t just get all our oil and gas elsewhere, but we can boycott everything else Russian. Don’t go there, already many countries advise people who are gay not to, notably Canada. Checks the labels on things – boycott anything made in Russia – boycott their beer and spirits.

    The International community really do need to decide if they have balls or not, they’ve castigated them before and the situation has just gotten worse. It’s time to expel Russia from the treat on human rights that they signed.

    In August when the renewal of Kaspersky comes up I will cancel it and make sure they know it’s because of Russian homophobia.

  2. Unfortunately, as has been shown by the words and actions of those in charge, UEFA and FIFA couldn’t give a flying monkey’s when it comes down to it. So long as the money keeps rolling in then they’ll be happy

    1. FIFA would make a world cup in North Korea or even in the planet Skaro if it meant money for them.

  3. Obviously the answer is DON’T HOLD IT THERE!

    Its simple!!

  4. Anyone going to Russia had better be careful not to wear anything that looks like a rainbow. In St Petersburg, where such a law is already in place, the rainbow on a milk carton has already been labelled ‘gay propaganda’.

    Perhaps athletes at the Winter Olympics or World Cup who want to show solidarity could wear an armband with ‘gay is ok’ or a rainbow or something similar. Would be interesting to see if they were instantly deported.

    This law is Baroness Knight on steroids (horrible image). They claim it is to ‘protect Russian schoolboys etc’ – What, the sort of innocent, vulnerable Russian schoolboys who were pictured kicking a gay activist on the ground earlier this week?

    1. GulliverUK 13 Jun 2013, 5:29pm

      Meanwhile the suicide rate is Russian is very high – laws like this could cause that to go higher. It’s all part of Putin’s plan to maintain a dictatorship, taking freedoms not only from people who are gay but the majority of Russians – he’s already there because of a rigged election – he makes Mugabe look like an amature.

      Just boycott the whole place and hope that LGBT Russians either get a break, somehow, in the near future or find a way to leave Russia and go to a democracy which has fair and equal human rights..

  5. Ms. Elena Mizulina is the author of this fascist law. Her son lives in Belgium. He works in LGBT-friendly firm Mayer Brown. She doesn’t mind that her son lives in gay-friendly country and works in LGBT-friendly firm. During gay rights protest another russian MP said policeman : “So are you guys ramping up the pressure on these faggots? Beat them up well! Cut their balls off!”

  6. GingerlyColors 14 Jun 2013, 6:43am

    Next year, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil, a country which has made great progress on LGBT rights and thanks to a recent court ruling now allows gay marriages throughout. It is a shame, therefore that the next two World Cups will be held in countries where homophobia is rampant. It is bad enough that Russia, where they seem to be doing everything short of actually recriminalizing homosexuality, is hosting the 2018 World Cup, but it seems ludicrous that FIFA has awarded the 2022 finals to Qatar, a tiny country with even worse gay rights and probably doesn’t even have the facilities to hold such a tournament.
    FIFA needs to reconsider it’s decisions over who hosts these tournaments. I suggest that Australia should host the World Cup in 2018, hopefully they will have marriage equality by then and in 2022, the game should come home to England.

    1. That There Other David 14 Jun 2013, 12:15pm

      Agree with most of that, although I’d like to see England co-host the tournament with Scotland and Wales.

  7. Sebastian & Gennadii 20 Jun 2013, 1:16pm

    Look what’s new! Comments like this should be prosecuted by law in most EU countries.


  8. Great !! I hope the FIFA World Cup in Russia will be a total failure exactly how it is already going to be here on my country Brazil.

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