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Nebraska: University withdraws lesbian student for ‘immoral homosexual acts’

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Reader comments

  1. This is why faith schools should be illegal. Schools should be about facts, not there to brainwash young minds.

  2. Ah, feel the Christian charity and love.

  3. The same people who think christian universities are a good thing would snivel and wet their panties at a Madrassa. And yet they are exactly the bloody same – bronze age dogmatic tyranny, often used as an excuse to part the foolish from their cash (note the fine).

    Checking up on the University itself, no particular sympathy for the student – it seems to specialise in training more magic-boggled boneheads to peddle more retrograde hocus pocus to children (thus stealing their potential by using the time in their life when they are most receptive to learning to program them with garbage).

    Not going to break my heart for this woman and wouldn’t lift so much as a finger to sign a petition for her.

    1. I have to say it beats me why a woman who sounds pretty self-aware would choose to go to a religious university in the first place, after all it’s not as though there aren’t alternatives in the USA.

      1. No way to know for sure – Very possible that it was all her folks would pay for, or all she could get into. But still, the point must come where people will stop collaborating with the people who oppress them and treat them like garbage.

      2. Well it says she had a scholarship. Maybe it was the only university to offer her one. She may also be religious.

        1. Colin (London) 16 Jun 2013, 10:28am

          Mmm as much as i agree that faith schools should be abolished the girl is in a predicament and needs help. Surely we can give her that. We have all made mistakes in our lives so two minutes to sign a petition please.

    2. Of all the colleges and universities around the world, why do LGBT people choose to study at institutions where they know they or their lifestyle is frowned upon? This woman didn’t know what kind of school it was before attending? Too bad she remained at the school this long and not be able to finish.

  4. This is an absolutely disgusting abuse of power by this university. This makes me really angry.
    They are supposed to teach their students to gain degrees, and not push their own moral bigotry. A “restoration” programme? Are they completely nuts?

    I am completely outraged.

  5. “The school, however, promised to reintegrate Powell on the condition that she attend a restoration programme. The programme, which included both counselling and regular church attendance, placed the student off-campus, in a position where she could no longer use the overnight dorms.”

    That’s conversion therapy.
    The self-named “university” should be shut down, and it’s students redistributed to proper places of learning.

  6. I’ve signed up for this petition. And I’ve added the following note.

    “I too have been evicted from a place of learning because of the christian faith of the teachers.
    People in a position of authority should never be allowed to place their feelings and opinions over the well-being and success of those in their care. To demand a person to pay real money for the privilege of having their education and future life suspended is one of the absolute worst abuses a person can make upon the younger generation.”

    1. Colin (London) 16 Jun 2013, 10:29am

      Well Done

  7. Aaron Chandler 13 Jun 2013, 2:46pm

    Believe it or not, homosexuals can be Christians. My Partner went to Mercer and majored in religion. She has a faith beyond most straight people I know. I think this poor woman should be given her transcripts so she can transfer and finish her degree. Christianity is about forgiveness and love. Obviously she was a great student, if she had an academic scholarship. Her sexual orientation is no ones business but her own. If it does not interfere with her degree, then who are they to judge?

  8. This is awful! All in the name of “Religion!” How very “Christian” of them!

  9. Christopher Coleman 13 Jun 2013, 4:35pm

    In the land of the individual and the free power is held only by institutions.

  10. Art Pearson 13 Jun 2013, 4:47pm

    I suspect her lawyer will have a field day with this.

  11. Sue! They deny her because she is a sinner yet the very book that they judge her with says they are also sinners, if they follow their own misguided judgment they must also remove themselves. Sinners cannot judge sinners. They are living under the old law, it is dead, replaced by the grace of God. They are denying Gods Grace by persecuting her, and since they deny God they should no longer be considered a religious organization, but rather a hate group!

  12. is quite astounding that this is legal – at least in the UK we have protection enshrined in law!

  13. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 10:22pm

    I’m sorry – I couldn’t get past the oxymoron in the institution’s name…

  14. SilenceIsGolden 13 Jun 2013, 10:46pm

    They — and all religious bigots — are the sinners. There is only one sin in the bible: to have the audacity to think you’re god, i.e. judge others.

    Now, I don’t agree with any of it, but if you stay within the dogma, then this is IT! Anybody who assumes a position to judge somebody else is committing the sin to put him-/herself in the position of god.

  15. DavidaRochelle 14 Jun 2013, 5:49am

    If they’re this strict with heterosexual couples . . .

    “Display of Affection Physical contact intended to increase sexual gratification is to be avoided. Students should be discreet regarding physical contact both in private and in public. The following physical contact is prohibited in public for all students: • placing one’s hand on another’s leg • placing one’s head on another’s chest • extended holding or embracing one another • lying next to one another • sitting on or lying across another’s lap • kissing • giving back rubs/rubbing shoulders While traveling to or from or while representing the University at off-campus locations, there shall be no display of exclusiveness or show of affection between two students.

    Sexual Misconduct Outside of heterosexual marriage, interpersonal sexual activity in all of its forms is sin . “

  16. Diana Hodson 14 Jun 2013, 7:13pm

    wierd –in 2013, an “advanced” country/world power ,,, had similar homophobic attitudes myself when studying my last period of iuniv. education in UK—not so “Institutional”-type, however i failed the course, & cannot really understand why, when my work/studies were equal to others performances shown on the PGCE course !

  17. friday jones 15 Jun 2013, 12:04am

    How exactly do you “revoke” an academic scholarship after you’ve already allocated and spent the money? How many years would this unique legal concept of retroactive “revocation” cover? Did her grades slip? Was there any sort of legally-sanctioned hearing to determine the facts? Normally if the institution doesn’t like going to court they have an arbitration clause, did this go to an arbitrator? I’m assuming that the student’s 3-and-a-half year run cost a great deal more than six thousand dollars, and her parents probably have paid many many times that to these academic thieves.

  18. David Walsh 24 Jun 2013, 3:17pm

    Email their President, David Barnes, at and tell him what you think.

    Or academic dean John Holmes (

    Or Ray Miller, their director of financial aid (

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