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Lord Hylton tables new wrecking amendment for the equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 13 Jun 2013, 2:13pm

    All the same faces popping up again and again isn’t it? Almost as if they’re the only people in the ENTIRE country against the Bill.

    Give it up fella. A man of your advanced years doesn’t have much time left to waste.

    1. What’s the difference between him and the Taleban? He sure looks like them but his beard needs dying.

      1. ‘his beard needs dying’ – and perhaps the rest of him!

  2. Robert (Kettering) 13 Jun 2013, 2:16pm

    This bigoted old fart is a total disgrace and has no right to sit in judgement over Gay people, especially as he’s totally UNELECTED and represents nobody but a handful of landed gentry.

    1. There are very few hereditary Lords in the House…they are mostly life peerages now, but he’s one of the 92 relics elected to remain after the 1999 reforms. And he’s only a baron, which puts him on the bottom rung (if you don’t count that 19th century confection ‘baronet’!!!!)

      It would have been much worse had the other 600 remained entitled.

  3. D1ck

    Lets see where it gets him!!!

  4. When are this undemocratic and unelected group going to have their power taken away from them?

  5. Beelzeebub 13 Jun 2013, 2:28pm

    Which part of f\/cking equality do you fail to understand.

    Hurry up and die.

  6. Jock S. Trap 13 Jun 2013, 2:29pm

    Oh give it up already!!

    The House of Commons voted by a huge majority to have marriage and no un-elected bigot should changing it!

  7. I’d say it’s rather delightful being gay. Lord Hylton should try it sometime!

    1. I cannot even IMAGINE Mr. Hylton being “merry, light-hearted, joyous, and fun to be with” at ANY time. So why he’s hankering after the word “gay” having just that one single meaning, I can’t for the like of me make out!

  8. Theres gotta be a beard joke in here somewhere

    1. He has two ‘beard’s’ his wife is the other one-

      (for those who don’t know, a ‘beard’ can be referred to someone who ‘poses’ as a gay person’s pseudo-partner.)

  9. Perhaps the word ‘gay’ would not have needed to be ‘appropriated’ if all the words the much of the straight world were not used in the pejorative/negative sense. So, even if the word was ‘appropriated’ as Lord Hylton says, the homophobic straights have only themselves to blame!

  10. Warning they will try anything to wreck the bill.
    Needs watching at every stage and every second of debate.

  11. In other words, “find another seperate but equal word which carries all the connotations of ‘Civil partnership'”.
    And perhaps whilst he’s at it he can table a bill to give us the back seats of the bus and seperate water fountains.
    What is it with their “marriage is a precious finite resource which becomes null and void if we share it with teh gays” crap?
    With any luck this amendment will die on its ass too.

  12. Mike Dalgarno 13 Jun 2013, 2:36pm

    Well I don’t like how the word ‘faggot’ has has been taken away from it’s delightful meaning of delicious pork balls (or even the bundle of twigs).

    But hey ho, words change through time.

  13. Perhaps the word ‘gay’ would not have needed to be ‘appropriated’ if the words used by homophobic straights* were not used in the pejorative/negative sense. So, even if the word was ‘appropriated’, as Lord Hylton purports, the homophobic straights* have only themselves to blame!
    *NB Not all straights are homophobes.

  14. Father Christmas should stay in Green Land!

    1. It would be unfair to inflict Lord Hylton on the good people of Greenland.

    2. Father Christmas is from Lapland, northern Finland!

      1. John from Walthamstow 13 Jun 2013, 4:03pm

        Oh, I dispute that – it depends on the version of the legend one subscribes to, but I have heard the original St. Nicholas came from Spain, but then again it is a modern invention that has reinvented Christmas.

        1. That There Other David 13 Jun 2013, 4:10pm

          He’s Turkish originally isn’t he? Like oh-so-English St. George :-)

          1. Who cares where he is from, he should not be inflicted upon any nation of peoples. No disrespect to any of the commenters :-)

  15. Oh, the HATE, the HATE of this Mr. Hylton!

    He seems fond of dictionaries, so he needs to open one and examine it!

    He will see that 1000s of English words have many more than just ONE meaning! And he will see that 1000s of words have meanings which are markedly separate and different.

    So why Mr. Hylton’s problem with the word “gay” having more than just the meaning “merry, joyous, and light-hearted”?

    Reason: because actually Mr. Hylton would consider ANY word in the English language DESPOILED if is associated with homosexuals, who, according to him, are utterly filthy, vile, despicable, and fifth-rate creatures!

    Shame on you, homophobe! Shame!

    1. No one is stopping him from using the word in its so called original context.

      1. barrybear1980 14 Jun 2013, 4:46pm

        As many people old and young still do

  16. Reform. the. house. of. lords. NOW

  17. well i think “sick” has also changed its meaning and that’s sick tongues at work – languages eh! nothing but changes…

  18. Long before “gay” became as commonly associated with “homosexual” as it is now, Mr. Hylton appears completely IGNORANT of the fact that way back in the mid nineteenth century “gay” was a word applied to a certain kind of HETEROSEXUAL WOMAN!

    The Oxford English Dictionary advises that “gay” was once slang for a woman “leading an immoral life, living by prostitution”.


    1825, in C. M. Westmacott Eng. Spy II. 22: “Two sisters—both gay.    

    1857, in J. E. Ritchie Night Side Lond. 40: “The gay women, as they are termed, are worse off than American slaves.”

    1868, in The Sunday Times, 19 July 5/1: “As soon as ever a woman has ostensibly lost her reputation, we, with a grim inappositeness, call her ‘gay’.”

    1885, in The Hull & Linc. Times 26 Dec. 8/4: “She was leading a gay life.”

    Why haven’t you been SCREECHING about this “appalling” meaning of the word “gay”, Mr. Hylton?

    Answer: because you are hatefully obsessed with homosexuality.

    1. ‘Gay’ was also used to refer to male prostitutes, or anyone who was considered sexually deviant at the time. So ‘gay’ has been used to describe homosexual men before the word ‘homosexual’ even existed.

      1. No reference to that in the extended OED, Will. However two to amuse are as follows!

        gay = Of a dog’s tail: carried high or erect.

        1927, W. H. Dowling in C. C. Sanderson Pedigree Dogs 334: “Tail.—Should be carried proudly, curved or plumed in a tight curl over and close to the back (never gay as in a ‘Peke’).

        1952, C. L. B. Hubbard Pembr. Corgi Handbk. 111: “Gay tail, one which from root to tip is carried over the horizontal.”

        gay = forward, impertinent, too free in conduct, over-familiar; usually in the phrase. “to get gay” (U.S. slang.)

        1896, in W. C. Gore in Inlander Jan. 147: Get gay, to joke boisterously; to show off; to act ‘smart’.

        1899, in Ade Fables in Slang 109 “The Copper, perceiving that he had come very near getting Gay with our First Families, apologized for Cutting In.”

        1911, in J. F. Wilson Land Claimers vi. 80 “And I wouldn’t get gay round her.”

        Somebody please send the above to Lord Hylton via! I’ve contacted him already!

  19. I am curious as to what tableing an amendment means in your parliament. Here in the US it is a way of procedurely killing it. I gather that isn’t what it means there

    1. JerBear, an amendment is a proposal to add to or alter a Bill. Procedurally amendments can hold things up. And in terms of legislative effect amendments can substantially alter a Bill. So, what we’re getting from these homophobes in the House of Lords is procedural hold-up AND an attempt to kill the efficacy of the Bill by substantially altering it by way of amendments.

      Right now there are real battles going on in the committee rooms, with certain lords demanding killing amendments and other lords arguing the case against such amendments. We’re heavily reliant at this stage on the debating skills of those lords who are for the Bill (without the wrecking amendments).

      1. There are no committee rooms for this bill. The committee stage is being conducted in the house.

        The wreckers hope to do an ambush by rabling an amendment when attenance in the house is low.

    2. I feel that Eddy didnt really answer the question at hand, there for i am humbly chipping in :)

      Tableing an amendment, simply means putting the amendment infront of the other people for consideration. whether or not it gets shot down (i hope it does mind you) remains to be seen.

      1. Chris (and JerBear), note it’s “tabling”, not “tableing”.

    3. To further clarify this amendment is called a “wrecking amendment” which will alter the bills purpose so the bill cannot active what it was written to do, there a fairly common tactic in UK parliament

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jun 2013, 3:53pm

    This old tosser could do a far better job pretending to be Father Christmas at Selfridges with a ridiculous beard like that. Another wind-bag pissing in the wind. He’s goin nowhere with this and nor are the other loons.

  21. Mihangel apYrs 13 Jun 2013, 3:57pm

    ” The word gay by the 1890s had an overall tinge of promiscuity — a gay house was a brothel.”

    So not “carefree” then

    1. Barry Grant 14 Jun 2013, 4:51pm

      Gosh he older than I thought then!

  22. GulliverUK 13 Jun 2013, 4:26pm

    These wrecking amendments all need to be rejected – if the bill is unacceptable to us, even if passed, there will be no closure, no end, we will be back, demonstrating, protesting, voting only for a government which will give us true equality. We will not stop, we will not sleep, we will not waiver until we have equality, full and complete equality — and that includes fair, full pension rights. The culture war they started and they want to keep going will continue, but in the end, there will only be one group left with integrity and standing, us. The people who put these wrecking amendments in clearly have no shame.

    1. Finely said, Gulliver. So true.

  23. I just don’t get this sheer hate – the people who are putting forward these ridiculous amendments want us to continue to treated as second class citizens or worse, what have we ever done to them I wonder.
    It’s so loathsome – it feels like a punch in the face every time I see another amendment being put forward to ‘protect’ something that is just an act of love and a basic human right. It’s as if we are sub human as far as these people are concerned.
    We’ll here some news for them we are not ‘abominations’ and everyone of ‘us’ deserves more respect than these evil evil men and woman.
    I shall never forget the hate that has been shown during this process and will never forgive those people who clearly despise us.

  24. A 89 year old hereditary peer tries to kill the same sex marriage bill…

    Don’t you just love British democray! Where else in the world would such a thing happen?

    1. Sadly he is only 82 (born 1932 according to Wikipedia), sad because he his ultimate demise is further away giving him more time to spew forth his message of hate.

  25. Lets give his name a new meaning also. A hateful sad old man i call from now on a lord hylton.

  26. REFORM the chamber please! SHAME SHAME SHAME! I can’t stand these bigots anymore.. do they have an email address? I wanna send them something!

  27. Wasn’t he the star in Bad Santa?

  28. I can’t even be bothered to read about this idiots twaddle!

  29. Sandra Maycock 13 Jun 2013, 10:16pm

    Mr Hylton (that’s the only title you will get from me) GAY stands for Good As You, and believe me, every Gay person in the world is as Good As You, at the very least.

    1. It is hard to imagine a gay person worse than Mr Hylton!

  30. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 10:24pm

    Bad Santa!!

  31. According to Wikipedia, this Hylton fellow is ‘.. is a member of the Housing Associations Charitable Trust and of Forward Thinking.” I simply had to laugh at the ‘Charitable’ and ‘Forward Thinking’.

  32. He’s going to be a Sith Lord in the new Star Wars movie. He has all the hatred already and the beard gives him the added touch!

  33. Yet again, UNELECTED people are attempting to block the legitimate legislation passed by our ELECTED representatives. This situation is a joke! We lecture the world on the merits and desirability of democracy while allowing this disgraceful situation to continue. Landed gentry and bishops halting progress demanded by ‘the people’. We’re no better than Russia. Abolish the Lords NOW!!!

  34. House of LORDS????? In 2013???
    Move on Britain!!!

  35. despite the Old Testament beard, there is a very uncanny resemblance to Jimmy Savile here.

    1. Now then, now then. :-)

  36. Lord Hylton drop dead, quick u old fart

  37. Don Harrison 15 Jun 2013, 1:26am

    I had emails from two baroness who were both glad that it got through the lass Lords vote. At the next vote in the House of Lords Paddy Ashdown will be there for the vote

  38. Everyone should have a hobby I guess. Just wish we weren’t paying this guy £300 + daily for him to pursue his homophobia sport.

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