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Former Talksport presenter furious after being branded a ‘homophobic radio z-lister’

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Reader comments

  1. “Paedophiles in general are the type of people that surely would not follow football. Not many gay people to the best of my knowledge are great football fans.”
    I think that’s pretty homophobic.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Jun 2013, 12:32pm

      Absolutely agree! He has some explaining to do as do those guys at Legends in Brighton, assuming they’re not figments of his imagination. It always amazes me when a homophobe is confronted and retracts with the old addage..’I have gay friends’ and other similarly pathetic excuses to exonerate them from homophobia. I challenge those ‘guys’ to step forward and stand by what Mendoza claims and explain exactly why they think the paedophile reference isn’t homophobic.

  2. This has a strong whiff of recrimination to it. The blog is quite funny actually. Unlucky for Mendoza he can’t just slap the blogger with a defamation suit (as he dearly wishes he could), since his statement was proven to be true by Ofcom’s decision. Trust him to get the police involved though.

    1. Mike Mendoza 29 Oct 2013, 11:35pm

      It was Keiran Francis who called the police lieing that he had been assaulted by Mike Mendoza. It did take a week for Francis to decide he was ‘punched’….

  3. Sounds pretty damn homophobic to me. So he has the common sense to pose for some pictures – doesn’t change the hatred or the contempt

  4. How can anyone who links paedophiles to gay guys not think are homophobic? He’s obviously a bit stupid as well. Maybe it’s the z-list remark that offended him.

  5. He says he’s 22 stone and boast about how someone would feel it if he hit them and accuses the other person of being a thug?

    He sounds as objectionable as his grammar.

  6. Yeah. He’s a Z-Lister all right. In fact, they might have to develop a sub-alphabet just for fattie.

  7. Well, I’ve never heard of this individual before but everything I’m seeing here, in the article and the above comments, suggests to me this man may well be low and vulgar.

    Sadly, there’s a lot of men, and women, like him in England today. (Not that there aren’t worse elsewhere.)

    1. He was a Talksport presenter, surely the very definition of ” low & vulgar”?

  8. That one statement is MORE than enough to label him terribly ignorant and HORRENDOUSLY homophobic!

    Oh, and by the way, the most homophobic people in the world have “gay friends” that will vouch that they aren’t homophobic. I’ve never met one yet who didn’t.

    1. Common sense 13 Jun 2013, 11:34pm

      It was ignorant I grant you but let’s not go overboard. “Horrendously homophobic”? I’m guessing you have never encountered the horrendous homophobia of the kind us older gays experienced routinely a generation or more before.

      1. You make a lot of assumptions and they would be wrong. I grew up in rural MISSISSIPPI in the 70’s. I came out there and was immediately thrown out of my home and out of my family and shunned by my community. I fled with nothing but the clothes on my back.

        Now PLEASE enlighten me about encountering horrendous homophobia the way YOU have!

        I know FROM EXPERIENCE that NOTHING is more dangerous and offensive than the claim that gay men are pedophiles. That claim has lead to the death/execution of many innocent gay men and has lead to the ruin of many others. This man made that very vile claim and that, in my book, is HORRENDOUSLY homophobic.

  9. Unless your 12 percent body fat, being 22 stone does not make you a harder bloke. It makes you a massive lard ass.

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