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Former BP CEO Lord Browne to write new book on homophobia in business

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Reader comments

  1. It would be interesting to hear about homophobia experienced by people out at work.

    Volume 2, perhaps.

  2. And what about the homophobia in the House of Lords, Lord Browne??

  3. Lord Browne, if I may suggest it, do include plenty of information that is NOT to do with homophobia, the sort of information that you know high-ranking members of corporations and companies are likely to find delicious.

    Unless your book contains such lures, they’ll not read it, and it’ll end up in the gay section at Waterstones, or remaindered, and no good will come of the exercise.

  4. This should be an interesting read, hopefully naming offenders. Homophobia and misogyny attitudes are rampant or underground in the business environment of the Anglosphere.

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