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Dale Cregan sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering gay police officer and her colleague

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Reader comments

  1. you make the headline sound like the police officer was killed because she was gay – this piece of scum killed because his a piece of filth period.

  2. GulliverUK 13 Jun 2013, 6:15pm

    Seems reasonable. I always like to think people can be rehabilitated, and perhaps in time he can, but for now I think we’re all glad that he’s off the streets.

    1. Rehabilitate? He murdered four people in cold blood. He should have got the rope.

      1. Godric Godricson 14 Jun 2013, 8:46am

        Britain and the constituent nations have no death penalty and I’m thankful for that fact

        1. Yeah.
          Talk’s cheap until someone you love is murdered in cold blood.
          Mealy mouthed fathead.
          You make me puke.

      2. GulliverUK 14 Jun 2013, 9:50am

        If you murder him you’re no better than he is. Firstly we have to try to understand how on earth a human being grew up to do this — I admit I have no clue at all what could possibly have led him to do this, no more than I understand Fred West, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley or others. He’s unlikely to be rehabilitated to the point where he can ever be allowed to re-join free society, but who knows the future. How do we know there isn’t some genetic reason for his behavior – prisons are fully people with mental health and learning issues. We live and work alongside real sociopaths, just look at the GOP and some Tories here. Capital punishment is outlawed across the EU, some 800 million people. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to think that he should be put-to-death but most rational reasoned people know killing is wrong – if it’s wrong for him to do it, it’s wrong for us to suggest that he should be killed, even if it’s understandable.

        1. should have the rope put round him -I really dont want my taxes keeping this piece of filth alive feeding and clothing him.

        2. Convicted murderers often kill again after release. By not hanging murderers, you indirectly condemn innocents to death. After we abolished hanging in 1965, the murder rate increased significantly. And the attempted murder rate went up exponentially. And many murders these days are classified as manslaughter to water down the figures. The stats are easily available online –
          And capital punishment is not murder. It’s the lawful execution of murderer, unanimously convicted by a jury and sentenced to death by a judge, and hanged after appeal.

          1. Here here..!
            But you’ll get nowhere with it as long as we have a House of Lords with Christian, jam-tomorrow, bishops in it, in silly get-ups, living in Fairyville and the Land of Far Removed.
            Nor will you get anywhere when you have M.P.’s such as MATTHEW SEPHTON. CONS. SALFORD who, when asked about the re-introduction of capital punishment in certain circumstances, replied, “The return of the death penalty? Oh I could not possibly vote for that.”
            Maybe not, Mr. Sephton but one or two of your constituents just might like you to listen to THEM and vote according to THEIR wishes. thank-you ever so much.
            Keith Bennett, Holly and friend, murdered in Soham, Victoria Climbie, Baby ‘P'(eter) Connolly and so many many more.
            And that’s before we mention murdered, serving police-officers like these two girls and WPC Sharon Beshanevsky of Bradford.
            Can’t mention any more; I haven’t enough space.


  3. He killed two women; their sexual preferences have nothing to do with it.

    Please stick to reporting relevant facts.

    Please desist from sensationalising those facts.


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