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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard: It’s ‘absurd’ to think my hairdresser partner Tim Mathieson is gay

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Reader comments

  1. The question might be just as absurd as the Priminister refusing to allow a vote for equal rights within the Australian Parliament.

    1. I think you will find it was the leader of the conservative leader Tony Abbott (who also doesn’t agree with gay marriage) who wouldn’t allow his party to have a conscience vote on the issue.

    2. Whilst Julia Gillard is opposed to Equal Marriage Rights in Australia, she did allow a conscience vote, unlike Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition.

  2. And yet she looks so gay…

    1. and what does gay look like?

  3. Yes, the question is absurd, homophobic and full of gross stereotyping. It should be condemned

    But then, Julia Gillard is also a homophobe who should be condemned.

    “d I’m happy to use the expression again [of] people who peddle and circulate vile and awful things.”

    It was an offensive question – to gay people. But someone being gay isn’t a “vile and awful” thing. Her homophobia is showing again

  4. Australia seems to be throwing all this good will back in our faces. It has quite a nasty rep now

  5. ‘…Ms Sattler refused to drop the line of questioning, he said: “You can confirm that’s he’s not (gay)?”…’

    ‘… Of course not,” Ms Gillard said…’

  6. GulliverUK 13 Jun 2013, 4:52pm

    I’m more interesting in hearing how she got in to bed with the Australian Christian Lobby, pushing their view on the nation, in return for their support at election time.

    The simple fact is she has never, ever, come up with any credible reason why she’s a homophobe – especially given that she claims to be an atheist. Money or promises of power are the reason she pushes the anti-gay line.

    Luckily her rein is coming to an end, and very shortly. If Kevin Rudd is gutless and won’t stand up to her and save the party they will be defeated massively and it will be a Conservative-leaning government after the election – and even they aren’t as opposed to equal rights as she is. She is the worst PM Australia has had for some time. Utterly corrupt.

    1. My (Labor) friends in Australia say they haven’t the slightest doubt that Labor will be defeated either way. They (my friends) are hopeless conflicted as they’ve never voted anything other than Labor yet can’t bring themselves even to consider voting for Gillard. (You can imagine their astonishment that a conservative PM is pushing equal marriage in the staid, conventional – they think – UK!)

    2. Nothing can save the ALP at this point in time, especially not Kevin Rudd. As detestable as Julia Gillard is, Kevin Rudd is a vindictive, egotistical, maniacal, opportunistic, control freak who has wreaked havoc within the ALP and is a disaster waiting to happen for Australia. As the ALP has been wiped off the board at the state level, especially in Queensland, they too will be wiped off the board at the upcoming federal election. The ALP would have to be at its lowest point electorally since Federation, and this is in most part to extremely poor leadership, economic mismanagement and political infighting between the right and left factions within the Party. Australians are simply fed up with it. There is no doubt Tony Abbot will be the next PM and the Liberal/National coalition will have a massive swing to it. The ALP has simply lost all credibility even amongst traditional Labor voters and the Party will now have to endure the inevitable backlash.

    3. Cough, cough. She has been a fantastic PM (equal marriage aside).

  7. ”People who peddle and circulate vile and awful things”

    The question was silly, granted. But For Gillard to describe gay people as ‘vile’ and ‘awful’ is disgraceful

  8. Shows the level of intelligence of the mainstream media in Australia, sadly.

    And to any Australian queer person considering electing the Conservatives, shame on you! Have you not seen what happened in Queensland? Are you that brainwashed by Mainstream Media that you think that the former Jesuit Priest is going to embrace queer lifestyles?

    Stop smoking crack.

  9. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 10:27pm

    What would Warren Beatty say?

    I’m finding a lot of things absurd about the Australian government these days.

  10. this questioning about Julia Gillard’s partner’s sexuality is just another chapter in the daily vilification of the PM by the right wing msm, conservative opposition, their friends and stooges. ‘burn the witch’, ‘Bob Brown’s bitch’ (these were placards at a rally which the conservative leader was photographed in front of, claimed he didn’t know they were there) ‘she should be taken out to sea and drowned’, ‘her father died of shame’ (referring to her being PM, just a few days after he died), ‘small tits, large thighs and a big red box’ (on a conservative function menu), the list goes on.


    If it’s Tim who does Gillard’s always crappy looking hair then she’s probably right.

  12. ““But you hear it,” Mr Sattler continued. “He must be gay; he’s a hairdresser. It’s not me saying it.”” But it is you that’s saying it, isn’t it, you small-minded cretin.

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