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Anti-equal marriage activist names Tour de France as target for protest

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Reader comments

  1. Le Tour is virtually a religion in France, any attempt to disrupt it will make them far more enemies than friends. I sincerely hope they dont make any protests, especially on the mountain stages as it could potentially be lethal to the riders with some of the climbs they have this year.

    1. Lostinfrance 13 Jun 2013, 6:00pm

      I agree, it is awful to watch these sad individuals attempt the most lame protests. However, left to their own devices they seem to be doing themselves a lot more damage. Their level of intelligence is annoying but at the same time, shows them up to the world. I laugh when I see the heterosexual men attempt at copying FEMEN. First off, shirtless men are hardly shocking, secondly they wear masks disguising their identities which mocks their courage of conviction. It’s like Manif pour Tous led by ghastly creature frigid barjot. She didn’t even bother taking part in her demo and now plays the catholic martyr/ victim. After the murder of the young Clement in Paris last week, the French public have had enough. Also, lets not forget the hand of the Catholic Church who orchestrate these rotten deeds.

  2. Pathetic people. Their own marriages must be pretty worthless if the idea of marriage itself threatens them.

  3. That There Other David 13 Jun 2013, 2:15pm

    When are these people going to finally accept that they lost the argument?

  4. slightlyAmused 13 Jun 2013, 2:42pm

    I suspect that, as in most cases with this type of personality/mental state, if it wasn’t Same-Sex Marriage, these people would be targeting something else to protest. If you are busy raging against something else, you don’t have time to examine your own life.

  5. No more fitting arena to protest gay equality than the event with the 200 fit young men in lycra getting all hot and sweaty riding through the countryside.

    (Not that cycling’s really any better than most sports when it comes to homophobia/gender roles, but still.)

  6. Monsieur Samuel Lafont, it really is time that you moved on from this.

    The law was implemented democratically, so get over it.

    If same sex marriage is such an issue and undermines yours, then I suggest that you see what the problems are in your marriage.

  7. Just popped a little note on their FB page. Disturbed bunch! :)

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