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Republican Mike Huckabee: ‘Every fear’ over same-sex marriage has come true

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Reader comments

  1. All these U.S. right wing nutters’ arguments can be debunked by taking a look at how their northern neighbours are getting on.
    Of course, for Huckabee and his allies, to actually get facts would be an abomination.

    1. I remember the same thing happened with uppity blacks. They even have them on TV now. Where will it end?

      1. I know…they probably even think one of them could be President one day.

    2. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 3:27am

      Puhleeze – they can’t find us on a map. My theory is that they are raised with a “floating” Lower 48 in the front of every classroom from kindergarten up. They are famous for pointing to Australia on a globe when asked to find themselves.

      But they have nukes…

      1. jamestoronto 13 Jun 2013, 4:32am

        Christopher do you think this means that if the US decides to invade Australia, they’ll nuke themselves?

      2. That theory isn’t actually that far off, sadly. Most of the U.S. maps I saw growing up were like that, with Hawaii and Alaska in little boxes off to the side. It was bad enough that for years, I thought Alaska was an island. I remember being so confused when I first found out it was actually attached to Canada…

      3. Jon (Malaysia) 8 Oct 2013, 9:09am

        We are not all ignorant. I am an American living in Malaysia which any fool knows is between Russia and China (on the south side cuz it’s warm) surrounded by the Sea of Cortez. Greetings to Canada with its great western province Nova Scotia and wonderfully warm capitol Toronto and the lovely southern state of Vancouver. Ruled by the lovely queen Margaret Trudeau long may she reign, saddened by the passing of the great unifier of Canada, Rene Levesque… need I go on?

    3. Came across this page from 5 years ago when Kathleen Wynne, the current lesbian Premier of Ontario, was provincial Minister of Education (head explosing material right there). I imagine Huckabee’s (much slimmer in the picture) head exploding when she thanked her wife during her election win acceptance speech. I would expect mini-explosions every time she appears on TV “stuffing homosexuality down Huckabee’s throat”.

      Abbreviated Huckabee: “Icky gays should be invisible.”

    4. Huckabee is a dedicated, right-wing (and marginalized) Evangelical wacko.
      Nothing succeeds like success, and LGBTs in the U.S. are becoming normalized and part of mainstream America. In the last decade, we’ve seen the unholy war declared on LGBTs come apart at the seams. The Catholic church is in disgrace, and along with the Mormons, have lost all credibility with the American public. Fringe warfare will continue in countries like Russia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. But nascent and developing LGBT grass-root movements will eventually turn the tide.

  2. My friends in Canada just celebrated the tenth anniversary of same sex marriage being legal. Canada is prosperous – the skies did not fall, the seas did not boil and no one tried to marry their dog.

    Huckabee is just another christian opportunist looking for more simpletons to bamboozle and extort with nonsensical rhetoric and foolish magical thinking. A few hundred years ago he would have been selling bits of the “true” cross to ignorant peasants. What he does now is just the modern iteration of the same.

    1. Valsky; I think I love you. These are my sentiments exactly!

    2. Ditto, the sentiments of many same-sex married South Africans!

  3. Mr. Huckabee is himself a walking “ick factor”. The man should be banned from ever discussing or even alluding to carnal relations because it immediately conjures really hideous images. If anyone should refrain from spawning, it’s him.

  4. How long I wonder will it be before we read a story in the paper of his own homosexual tendencies caught cruising the gay bars, or caught picking up children in his pickup truck driving the state highways.

  5. No-one should have the right to discriminate against another person because of their sexuality (or race, etc).

    Huckabee’s comment would be laughable if it wasn’t so nasty and prejudiced.

  6. Its soo hard to maintain a delusional fantasy when there are all these real living happy gays walking around, living REAL open and happy lives.
    aaaandd now they are in advertizements for things like beer and clothes aaannd sports the sky wil fall I tell you.

    1. Just in case – end sarcasm><

  7. bobbleobble 12 Jun 2013, 5:30pm

    ‘People are forcing us prejudiced christians to treat gay people like they’re actually human and I won’t stand for it!’ What a c**k

  8. Americans believe that love is the most important reason to become married.

    Mr. Huckabee believes love is not the issue.

    The Bible considers “love thy neighbor as thyself” as central to it’s message.

    But Mr. Huckabee believes that the right of businesses to discriminate is the most important value for America.


  9. “‘Every fear’ over same-sex marriage has come true”


  10. Michaelandfred 12 Jun 2013, 6:21pm

    Second verse, same as the first! John Jacob Jinglehiemer Smith…..


  11. That There Other David 12 Jun 2013, 6:28pm

    Every fear? Has anyone married their dog yet? Wasn’t that mentioned once or twice as imminent the moment same-sex couples were allowed to marry?

    1. I have had a dog trying to hump my leg before. Does that count?

      1. It depends.

        If he did this before marriage equality became legal, then no. If he only started doing it after marriage equality became legal, then, why HELL yes boy, what’s the matter with y’all. Don’t you see, them damned homosexuals are even confusing the dogs now.

        And if your dog is female…well then it just don’t matter at all.

  12. And in my country, religion was used for years to justify why black and white people should not marry one another. Now that it is legal, no florist may turn them away even if they feel it is against their religion for people of different races to marry. So, Huckabee would support their “right”, I trust.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jun 2013, 6:50pm

    “‘Every fear’ over same-sex marriage has come true”

    Yes, Mr Huckabee is completely right, after struggling through an absolutely HORRIFIC plague of locusts to get the the local maternity unit, I was SHOCKED to the the number of babies being born with webbed feet and forked tails.

    I daren’t think what is coming next, really I daren’t.

  14. Commercials?? Greeting cards??!!!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! D:

  15. “He went on to suggest marriage equality damaged rights, and would “force businesses” to change their behaviour,”

    What an idiot for having say so. businesses never change by force, they change when they see money and profit coming from an unexpected direction. In fact gay marriage is so good for business that all businesses will embrace it or die. that’s the Marketing law, Sir! If gay marriage was not that money-spinning, businesses would had not care and change.

  16. David in Indianapolis 12 Jun 2013, 7:20pm

    “Right Wing Watch reports that Huckabee made the comments while on the radio promoting a campaign reaching out to young Americans who oppose marriage equality and abortion.”

    Good luck with that, BIGOT. The vast majority of young Americans 35 and under fully support marriage equality.

    “Fox News presenter, former governor of Arkansas, and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee warned on Monday that “every fear” over same-sex marriage has come true, including “television commercials portraying same-sex couples”.”

    OHHHHH!!! SCARY!!!!!

    I can hear their homophobic heads exploding all across America! lol

    This man is on a fool’s errand – it’s the last thrashings of a dying breed. But we must be careful…. wounded and dying animals can be very dangerous when approached.

  17. I thought lying was a sin.

  18. Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, just come out, if only to yourself. You’ll feel so much better, and the world won’t end, promise!

  19. He Should Move To Russia!!

  20. friday jones 12 Jun 2013, 10:49pm

    Shorter Huckabee: “Every time I see someone who is not like me, it makes me uncomfortable.”

  21. friday jones 12 Jun 2013, 10:52pm

    “Force businesses to change their behavior?” You mean Irene’s Flowers might have to actually deliver flowers to a paying customer? How will THAT keep them in business? No, the best business method is to forget the core business and focus on PRAYER. Because God LOVES commerce, it’s right in the Bible there, read the part about how Jesus blessed the moneychangers.

  22. Christopher Coleman 13 Jun 2013, 5:33am

    Successful former right-wing politicians become well-paid Washington lobbyists. The failures retire from public view. The egotists who can’t accept their failure become Fox News presenters.

  23. Not EVERY fear has come true – aren’t we still supposed to be marching toward bestiality, incest, and necrophilia? I wrote this on the paranoid sibling-shagging fantasies of the christian right…

  24. Huckabee, you may have had it your way in the past, but having your own way isn’t a right. Especially when it harms others.

  25. TV ads with same sex couples, I’d like to know what ads he is seeing as no advert in the UK features a same sex couple for sure. The closest being the ad for the personalised Barclays ATM card and even then you could think they two guys are just friends.

    This man and others like him are complete morons. But on the other side they are showing the rest of the world how ridiculous they are which can only be good for us?

  26. So?

    Also, if I recall correctly, Concerned Women for America is a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group.

  27. Leigh Hamilton 13 Jun 2013, 12:25pm

    They were very good at predicting the near future; they just didn’t like it.

  28. Amanda Harper 13 Jun 2013, 12:44pm

    When your opponents reach this stage they’ve reached that last gasp of desperation stage.

    The world has moved on and left them stumbling behind us.

  29. This Huckabilly has claimed “every fear” over same-sex marriage has come true, including “television commercials portraying same-sex couples”.

    But your list of “every fear”, Mr. Huckabilly, included far far “worse” things than ads using same-sex couples!

    Your list included things as apocalyptic as the END OF HUMAN SOCIETY!

    Has that happened, Mr. Huckabilly? :-)

  30. and that makes me want to launch a campaign called “It only gets ‘worse’ Mike Huckabee” he he he

  31. I have hit that stage that when I see rubbish like this, I don’t read it because I get so angry!!! :(

  32. “he does not support gay marriage partly because of the “ick factor”.

    Well Huckabee, there’s a simple solution, keep your nose out of our business. Do you hate plumbers to because of the ‘ick’ factors of their job?

  33. “everyone will say, oh no people still have their rights, but they don’t’

    Says it all really. Perhaps we should take away his perceived right to impose his ideas on us!

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