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New Zealand

New Zealand: Female rugby fan abused by three men for asking homophobic chants to stop

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if Tracy Morgan would have said the same if the offensive word was nigger?
    Somehow I doubt it.

    1. Shameful response from the stadium.

      1. It is…but I think it is even more shameful (and telling) that the spectators nearby thought homophobic chants were acceptable and did not support the woman.

    2. friday jones 12 Jun 2013, 10:39pm

      Oh, but she would not want to be the “thought police,” no, not at all!

      What a crock of crap. Applying a basic standard of comportment at a venue is not being “the thought police.” It’s perhaps being the “shouting abuse at people” police, or the “keep your hands to yourself” police, but these walking anal fissures who assaulted the young woman would still be free to think their odious thoughts in their ugly little pointed heads all they like.

  2. Fortunately, several former All Black NZ rugby greats have denounced the stadium’s decision not to censure homophobic misbehaviour. And what those guys say carries weight within sporting circles.

    1. It would be even better if it weren’t former ABs who commented but still, as with footballers (soccer) here, all advances in this respect are welcome.

      1. Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, having an out AB is still one frontier that New Zealand has yet to cross. Mind you, having Ian Roberts out in Aussie’s NRL and the legendary Gareth Thomas in England still hasn’t meant UK and Aussie League fans aren’t homophobic tossers…

        1. I didn’t even mean out gay players, just some non-gay active players who’d take a public stance on the matter, like Ben Cohen (before he too retired) in the UK, would be nice.

    2. Craig, your reference to “the stadium’s decision not to censure homophobic misbehaviour” conflicts with the article’s statement that the stadium has “a text service, which allows people to anonymously report anti-social or offensive behaviour without becoming a target.”

      Which is correct? Do you know the stadium in question?

      Is the answer that those administering the stadium have stated that they do not classify the demonstration of hatred of homosexuals as “anti-social or offensive behaviour”?

      1. Ah! Sorry, I see the answer. The article cites Eden Park Tracy Morgan as having stated that “gay slurs alone MAY not have been enough” for the stadium to take action.

        NOT GOOD ENOUGH, Tracy Morgan.

        NOT GOOD ENOUGH, Eden Park management!

  3. unfortunately rugby, not unlike football is watched by crowds made up largely of thuggish characters ; homophobia and racism are rife within the ranks of supporters of those sports , traditionally. it’ll take a long time for things to change. Unfortunately, it is worldwide a fixture of every single contact sport or “macho” sport.

  4. Christopher in Canada 13 Jun 2013, 3:24am

    Tell me again why str8 women claim to love str8 men. I for one can’t fathom why…

    1. Please let’s not resort to sweeping generalisations based on sexuality.

    2. Well, Christopher, sadly one reason is that a lot of heterosexual women are conditioned to be sexually passive and they like aggression in men because it holds the chance of them (the women) being sexually “aggressed”, “taken in hand”, dominated, treated like “a little lady”.

      This is unfortunate for many reasons, one of which is that sexual aggression is often linked to physical aggression and domestic violence.

  5. I read about this on the NZ Herald website and was surprised to see some people saying that it is all part of the sport. Some even said rugby is a mans game and she was just a ‘guest’. Talk about out of date.

    Good on her for making a stand and shame on Eden Park for not doing more to help. You can bet yourself if it was of a racist nature then they would have moved heaven and earth to assist.

    1. The ironic thing is that Louisa Wall, the Labour MP who introduced our successful Marriage Equality Act through Parliament is a former international Black Ferns women’s rugby player!

  6. Well done, Ms. Spyksma. You waited too long, but you DID speak out, and your action has reached the other side of the globe.

    One good effect of your action is that many more people now know that at that stadium you can use the text service, allowing people to immediately and anonymously report anti-social or offensive behaviour without becoming a target. Presumably stewards would converge on the homophobes within minutes.

    Warning: do your texting discretely and don’t show any disapproval yourself unless the stewards FAIL to show up.

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