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MPs who voted against the Clause 20 sex education amendment

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Reader comments

  1. It’s unsurprising to see Greg Mulholland vote against this, given his prior history in relation to legislation that would benefit lesbians and gays. He likes to scaremonger that religious people are having their freedoms violated by the advance of measures that seek to secure lesbian and gay equality.

  2. And then there’s Simon Hughes

    1. Thanks for alerting me to this! Simon Hughes is finished. He’s now completely blotted his copybook! He has claimed to be for gay and lesbian rights. He has stated that he is bisexual. And he has voted against discussion in the classroom of exactly the same kind of personal relationship that he has sometimes enjoyed.

      Simon Hughes is a complete hypocrite.

      I do not believe now that he has ever felt true remorse for the shamefully homophobic way in which he treated Peter Tatchell during the Bermondsey by-election of 1983.

  3. essexgirlbecky 12 Jun 2013, 2:21pm

    It’s disappointing to see the LibDems vote en bloc against the amendment. There clearly has been a three-line whip on this as many MPs who have a history of supporting LGBT issues have voted against this. Clearly a deal has been done here. Cameron has taken a beating from his own party on equal marriage and, scared of alienating grassroots support even further, must have laid down the law to Clegg.

  4. This is appalling and deeply disappointing.

    While on the one hand we have the possibility of homosexual people finally being permitted the right to get married here in the UK, on the other it is going to be legal for teachers to omit all discussion of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage from PSHE classes.

    This equates to the government permitting a situation where while same-sex marriage may be allowed to exist it will be legal not to acknowledge it in important classes in schools.

    This outcome regarding the Clause 20 amendment has GOT to be overturned, at some time or other.

    Shame on all those MPs who voted to enable teachers to diminish and demean homosexual people by omitting all reference to their relationships in the classroom.

  5. Greg Barker, Crispin Blunt, Nick Boles, Alan Duncan, Mike Freer, Stephen Gilbert, Nick Herbert, Simon Hughes, Margot James and David Laws all voted against. What on earth is going on – with GLB friends like these, who needs enemies?

    David Cameron and Lynn Featherstone also voted against.

    Dr. Sarah Wollaston seems to have been about the only Conservative to have voted in favour. If she had the courage to do, why couldn’t the others?

  6. Teresa May voted against, pity she didnt have the courage to vote for equality and prove that her past views are in the past

  7. Surely the name “Liberal Democrats” contravenes some kind of false advertising rule.

  8. Barry Grant 14 Jun 2013, 4:55pm

    There is a surprise, Andrea Leadsom voting against.

    If only she would respond to my letters…

  9. My question is why Labour didnt think of this while they were in power? Oh yes it is their attempt to counter the coalitions support for equal marriage. Nasty and opportunist

  10. This is a total slap in the fact. The importance of acknowledgement, education and protection in schools cannot be underestimated. What reason do they have to withhold this information from kids? Because it might upset a few parents? Who, of course, won’t discuss it with their children either, because they can’t quite wrap their heads around any of it and so demand it be kept in the closet where it belongs. I wonder if they’ve added sexual discrimination on the anti-bullying policy yet? I wonder if teachers are still looking the other way.

    Who exactly are these MP’s afraid of?

    They all distract us with a ridiculous marraige spectacle and then vote on this, copouts and liars. Politicians don’t know anything about us, they only care about votes.

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