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Latin American Catholic Church group says ‘sorry’ for Pope Francis’s ‘gay lobby’ remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone who hasn’t already seen it, should make sure they see Monday night’s EXTRAORDINARY exposé of the Catholic Church’s cover up of centuries of sexual abuse. We’ve got FOUR WEEKS in which to watch the programme by way of “WatchAgain”!

    And please spread the link to this programme. It’s important as many people see it as possible at the same time as Catholic authorities in the UK renew their attempts to sabotage the granting of marriage to homosexual people.

    Spread the link via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

  2. Godric Godricson 12 Jun 2013, 3:23pm

    I’ve read some of the back postings of the Rorate Caeli blog which carried this story and I’m frankly unimpressed. The group seems to be composed of the usual out of touch clergy who want the Latin Mass and associated malcontents who flutter around the outer orbit of the Vatican adorned in their finery . “Traditionalist Latin Mass” types seem to be contributors to the Rorate Caeli blog and they probably dislike each and every Pope for being ‘Liberal’. I suspect that the Pope has as much to fear from Rorate Caeli readers as LGBT people. Having said that it’s just as well to remember that such blogs are influential in that they are able to sway the closet cases in the UK, The Ordinariate and the High Church Anglican hangers on.

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