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Isle of Man Chief Minister: Discrimination case against lesbian couple makes Equality Bill ‘high priority’

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Reader comments

  1. Well said, Mr. Bell.

    And I expect that the many letters of complaint which the Isle of Man tourist office received following the discrimination case against the lesbian couple has informed the view that the “gaps in Manx legislation” will leave the island “vulnerable to adverse publicity and reputational damage”.

  2. Why are you and your fellow gay MHK’s still hiding in the closet? Of course it is because of the profound and pervasive homophobia that still blights on the Isle of Man isn’t it? Not one single MHK will stand up and say the words “I’m gay”. Remind us again how many gay bars and or clubs are there on the IOM?

  3. Does anyone have a link to the petition please?

  4. Well done Mr. Bell

    Are you going to add a clause to the equality legislation recognising off island same-sex marriages as marriages prior to the Manx Parliment introducing an Equal Marriage bill.
    I mean, if you are going to treat people properly and equally you might as well do it well and get the credit and reap the financial reward.
    Just a thought.

  5. I think B&Bs should have the right to exclude anyone they want, it’s their home. Hotels should not have the right to exclude though.

    1. Yes I agree it’s their home, but if it is being run as a B&B then it is a business, so like any business they should not bring their religious views into it.

      1. Blacks and Jews as well Liam? Only officially “approved” guests then?

        Don’t overlook the fact that this would include who people “are” rather than “what people do”

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