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Human rights groups condemn passage of Russian anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law

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Reader comments

  1. A vile country with a vile President.

    1. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 12 Jun 2013, 2:17pm

      Back arseward leadership kissing the conservatives arse. They think gay = Western values. It’s their way of protesting against the West. Feckers are 50 years behind.

      1. Backwards to the Future


  2. They should be removed from Europe. Hate mongering bastards

    1. Europe ends at Finland!

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Jun 2013, 3:06pm

    I have just added “Russia” to the list, that I will NEVER EVER visit!

    These “gay propaganda” laws are also in these following countries:

    Latvia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Sudan (and south Sudan), Jamaica, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Swaziland, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, etc.

    Add “Russia” to that list as of 11/06/2013!

    1. Christopher Coleman 12 Jun 2013, 3:50pm

      A good list. A few things in some of the countries would be worth seeing, but there are excellent reasons for going without them. Besides, there are other countries to visit, absolutely crammed with good things to see and do. I like to apply Schopenhauer’s comments on reading to travel. He advised against reading too many books; rather, one should read the good ones many times. So I say, choose a few of the best countries and visit them many times. To Hell with the rest.

  4. Welcome back to the past – the Russian Soviet Union! What a backward nation with small-minded political leaders who are in bed with an purely evil, power hungry Orthodox Church.

  5. Putin pours billions of roubles into research to perfect weather control over Russia so he can prevent rainbows.

  6. And yet their space program leads the world. Not so backwards now, are they.

  7. As America is busy rejecting its Christian roots in favor of moral perversion, Russia is converting back to Christianity. They will be a shining example for America to follow once people there realize that without Christianity America is becoming a moral and political cess pool

    1. And murder is a virtue? People in Russia have already died as a direct result of state-sponsored homophobia.
      This kind of conduct is not what civilized people in civilized countries aspire to. It is what motivates brutal thugs and christians to abuse those they see as “undesirable”.

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