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French Olympic swimmers pose as ‘imaginary gay couple’ for anti-homophobia campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Terry Stewart 12 Jun 2013, 3:00pm

    Whilst the photos are very beautiful, I do find the ideas to be nothing more than apology for Homosexuality.

    Which in itself is Homophobic.

    1. I understand your argument but I don’t agree with it. I think it is about supporting a cause. I think it is an act of solidarity in a country that has seen some very nasty homophobic activity and these swimmers are reaching out. I think it is really welcome.

      That — and let’s be honest — they are all pretty hot.

    2. I cannot understand how these images can be construed by any person who is not homophobic as constituting an apology for the existence of homosexual people. They are simply public images of homosexual people in loving poses and we can only hope that they will help homophobes out of only imagining the worst regarding homosexual people.

  2. ahhh

    I (s)welling up here

  3. I’m a little confused.

    Why can we not have more pictures of real, rather than imagined, same-sex couples?

    It’s great that ‘famous’ people want to be supportive, but if it’s ‘imaginery’ does it not lose something?

    1. I feel similarly to you, somehow I don’t quite get it.

      I want to say that I like the photos anyway but it seems to me they are only acceptable to display because it can be said that the people in the photos aren’t gay at for me they have a bit of a weird mixed message, maybe it’s just me.

      1. It’s not just you Pavlos, that was my instant reaction as well.

        I get the sentiment, and can kinda accept it was done with good intentions, but it’s almost like the Minstrels!

        Why not celebrate actual homosensual couples / relationships!?

        Surely it is for similar reasons that shelters for sufferes of domestic violence, or abortion clinics are staffed women [extreme example I know, but it illustrates the point]… or maybe I’m over-thinking it…

        1. It would certainly give a far more positive image, especially if they are couples who are in long term relationships,

  4. If I understand it properly, the idea was to have high-profile public figures to emphasise the point. And in a way, the fact that they are straight reinforces it- ‘we don’t have a problem, so why should you?’

    1. I live in France, and I can tell you that —at this moment in time— this sort of campaign can only help. Here, more than in almost any other country which has approved same-sex marriages, the right-wing backlash has been surprisingly and widely disproportionate. We need as many heterosexual “positive role models” as possible to come out and say to their peers —in one way or another—, “Hey, what’s the big deal? I’m comfortable with it … why shouldn’t you be, too?” That’s neither an “apology”, nor “homophobic” … that’s called, “support”. We shouldn’t shun it.

  5. Bravo!

  6. I’d be happy to get up close and personal with Eva Longoria :) lol I love her in the cat food ad *sigh*

    Did I just say that out loud!? lol

    But surely, as has already been said, that it would be better using actual gay couples rather than “Imagined”

  7. I have to disagree strongly with some of the previous comments. As a gay male I have no problem to be tender, cuddly, physical with the women I am fond of. I just don’t like to have sex with them. So why should straight males be less tender, cuddly, physical with other straight or gay males they like? This kind of campain is totally needed so everyone can just relax, ditch homophobia and make a better world. I think it is an excellent campaign, far better than just showing gay couples.

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