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French mayor: ‘I will go to the gallows’ before performing a same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. The disrespect is stunning. Not only towards LGBT folk, but also towards democracy, elected politicians, the government, the constitutional court.

    Wondering if he demands straight couples to procreate before he agrees to marry them…

    1. If he had any honour in his own beliefs at all he would just resign, as it is he that is the problem.

      He is making a political protest against a democratic law. His personal beliefs have no place at all in this debate as he is in public office and has a duty to carry out the law. If he is unable to carry out the law he forfeits that public office.

      The fact that the law has changed during his term of office is unfortunate for him, but he is obviously not a democrat so we need to question why he is even a mayor if he is opposed to democracy.

    2. If he cannot do his job for everyone then he should resign.

    3. I suggest guillotine. Just to be in line with tradition.

  2. If he wants to go to the gallows, I certainly won’t stop him. Anyway, just fire this piece of trash, there are plenty of better, modern and in touch of modern reality replacements, than this pruned, pathetic cretin.

  3. Christopher in Canada 12 Jun 2013, 2:31am

    I’ll donate the rope!

  4. I might be time to bring back the guillotine?

    The ridiculous abuse of democracy that homophobes display is mind-boggling.

    1. The guillotine – you beat me to it!

  5. Great! Give him the max time and make him pay the fine. New elections will be held. I’m sure there won’t be many people willing to spend 3 years and throw out thousands of their euros like this clown.

  6. lukefromcanada 12 Jun 2013, 4:08am

    but does he refuse elderly couples or infertile couples, granted infertility is not obvious but if he believes marriage is about procreation then he must have refused an elderly couple in the past

  7. “I will go to the gallows” – a bit of a drama queen there.

  8. prosecute this idiot, apply exemplary damages and prison sentence for good measure.

  9. GingerlyColors 12 Jun 2013, 7:25am

    I always thought the French prefered the guillotine.

  10. ignorance and malice die hard. what they do not understand is that, in a time of falling marriages, those who care about the institution of marriage should be happy of its extension to same-sex couples. The law “allows” marriage between persons of the same sex doesn’t “forces”. You are opposed to gay marriage? well, do not marry a gay old fool!

  11. “I will go to the gallows before performing a same sex marriage”

    So clearly not a drama queen then?

  12. I’m sorry for the couple for the show this guy’s making. On the other hand I think it’s win-win for French gays.

    This either goes one of two ways.

    Either he’s making a lot of noise for the sake of making a point and he’ll back down eventually (you know, for votes etc…). After all, he is breaking the law.

    Or he sticks to his guns and becomes a martyr. That’s fine too. Maybe a few like him will even follow his lead. But they are breaking the law; they will be punished. They will be made an example of. Hopefully

  13. It really is quite simple. Any Mayor who refuses to carry his or her duty, which is enshrined within the law, should be removed from their post.

    He has a blatant disregard for the law which has been passed nationally in the democratic way

  14. Now, now, Monsieur Mayor. Proclaiming your own martyrdom when you know it’s not going to happen is more than a bit silly. Madame Guillotine was put out to grass a while ago.
    The minister and the local community you are meant to serve, however, await your letter of resignation.

  15. msbpodcast 12 Jun 2013, 8:41am

    He wants to go the gallows?


    I’m not going to stop him.

  16. Monsieur Jean-Michel Colo – you are unfit to hold any form of public office and you have brought the mayoralty of Arcangues into disrepute – resign or be dismissed.

  17. That There Other David 12 Jun 2013, 9:30am

    The fine would be a greater punishment. €75k is a lot of money.

  18. What a strange country. It’s motto is: Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Many of the population appear not to agree with it – particularly the middle word.

  19. “I am not discriminating as a same-sex couple is sterile” .So how does he propose straight couples prove their fecundity? – premarital sex?? surely not! What will his spiritual pimp the Catholic Church think !

  20. How can a state-law be illegitimate? Marriage is for a woman and man to have children is no truism in this day and age, hiding behind this pathetic excuse is just a fig-leave for his homophobia.

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Jun 2013, 10:18am

    It’s odd how people who rave on about the sanctity of marriage then go on to reduce it to no more than a compulsory breeding license.

  22. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jun 2013, 10:27am

    A gay couple are lying in bed together watching re-runs of the Golden Girls on DVD.


    Une explosion terrible!!!!

    The roof comes down trapping them in bed.

    The fire brigade arrive.

    Neighbours quickly advise them that the couple who live in the flat are trapped.

    In rush the firemen to save the couple from further falling debris and explosion.

    As they arrive in the room and survey the wreckage, “Alors!!!”, yells one of the firemen. “But these are two mens ‘ere in de bed. We must leave. We cannot support dis”.

    The firemen leave.


    Another explosion.

    Floor collapses.

    Couple dead.

    Supporting homosexuality or doing your job?

    Monsieur Colo, your position in office is illegitimate. You are not fit to hold it.

    1. Don Harrison 12 Jun 2013, 11:56am

      Qué homophone, Alguien debe amarlo.

    2. Good allegory, Sister. Well done!

  23. Actually to can go to the back of the unemployment queue. We don’t use gallows any more you backward prat.

  24. When are these people going to realise that their homophobia says FAR more about THEM than they realise? People who are comfortable with their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. So what is it about homosexuality that so enrages them? Could ‘self-loathing’ be the driving force? Those ‘inner-fears’ making them direct their venom onto those who are comfortable with who they are? People like this need some serious psychological help.

    1. So,so true.

    2. Well, absolutely. You see, the granting of rights to our community means that, for them, a veil is being lifted off their true nature, and that is what is so terrifying for them. Giving us power strips away the veil on their true nature; for them, there is no place else to hide. Eventually, we will overcome this but this act of acquiring new rights previously denied to us will always meet with resistance – and not necessarily from straight people!

    3. People comfortable with their sexuality can be homophobic – they just have uncritically to accept the prejudices they were brought up with and have a dollop of blinkered smugness. Lack of imaginative empathy for different experiences also plays a part. Conservative religion is full of them – people whose basic desire is for a directed life underpinned by supernatural assurances and who are willing to go along with the associated homophobia as a condition of membership. They don’t care that much about it – but will endorse attitudes which damage people whom they think they don’t know and so don’t need to give a toss about. In a way they are worse than the ‘rabid’ types – they are more selfish and intellectually lazy.

  25. Don Harrison 12 Jun 2013, 11:55am

    Qué homophone, Alguien debe amarlo.

  26. I have some 2×4 and some nails. Does anyone have a rope? Just to assist the kindly Mayor to expedite his stated desire, you understand.

  27. Apparenly he faces jail.

    Good news.

  28. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jun 2013, 12:22pm

    Disgusting. I’m glad the French government won’t back down or give them opt-outs.

    Meanwhile, our own nasty bigots are up to something similar with public amendments to the Marriage Bill.

    Clause 1

    Page 1, line 5, leave out “Marriage” and insert “Union”

    Clause 2

    Page 3, leave out lines 21 and 22

    After Clause 2

    Insert the following new Clause—

    “Conscientious objection

    (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), no registrar shall be under any duty, whether by contract or by any statutory or other legal requirement, to conduct, be present at, carry out, participate in, or consent to the taking
    place of, a relevant marriage ceremony to which he has a conscientious objection.

    (2) Nothing in subsection (1) shall affect the duty of each registration authority to ensure that there is a sufficient number of relevant marriage registrars for its area to carry out in that area the functions of relevant marriage registrars.


  29. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jun 2013, 12:24pm

    Baroness Cumberlege’s amendment continued:

    (3) The conscientious objection must be based on a sincerely held religious or other belief.

    (4) In an legal proceedings the burden of proof of conscientious objection shall rest on the person claiming to rely on it.”

    Nasty, vile bigots! They won’t succeed. It didn’t in the Lower House and it won’t on Monday.

    1. Thanks for this news, Robert. It’s so important the bigots do NOT get away with these sabotage attempts.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jun 2013, 1:37pm

        They won’t succeed, Eddy. They tried that in the Commons Committee but it was shot down. It opens up a Pandora’s box for others in the private sector, employees refusing to fulfill their contractual obligations because of something they are uncomfortable with for whatever reason. Madness!

  30. By stating “Everyone does what they want behind closed bedroom doors, but if you ask me as the mayor to support it, then I am very uncomfortable with it” Monseiur Colo has demonstrated that he views homosexual couples as pairs who practise sex not involving one cock and one cun*t, and that he chooses to see absolutely no other dimensions in the relationships of homosexual people.

    What kind of education and upbringing did Mr. Colo receive to have such a blinkered view of human relationships?

  31. ‘I will go to the gallows’

    Great! I will sit and watch.

  32. I’ll fetch me knittin’..

  33. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Jun 2013, 2:22pm

    Great then go and hang yourself then asshole!

    All we want is EQUALITY!

    Marriage, equal age of consent, job protection, housing, goods and services, protection from hate crimes, freedom from bullying in our schools and jobs, IVF access, adoption, surrogacy and foster parenting – all just equal protection of the law for gay, lesbian, bi and trans people!!!!!!

    I am sick and tired of bigots who think they can just walk all over us gays!

    Now I want to pass a law called the Ban The Bigots Bill 2013 – by starting to take there civil rights away from bigots, then ban those bigots from marriage and jobs equality and finally last but not oeast – give all bigots the death penalty with the gas chambers!!!!!

    Gas chambers for all bigots sounds really good too!

    I proposed that!

    I will not rest until all bigots are eradicated from the world!

    Look at what is happening in Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, Rwanda and Sudan, Yeman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc – just this year!!!!

  34. Travis from Sydney, NSW Australia 12 Jun 2013, 2:33pm

    I agree Paul…

    [I second that]

    Here in both the US and Australia we need the Guillotine desperately!!!!!!

    All These top 10 People should be sent to the guillotine:

    1. Julia Gillard
    2. Tony Abbott
    3. Fred Nile
    4. Bob Katter
    5. Peter Slipper
    6. George W. Bush
    7. Fred Phelps
    8. Mitt Romney
    9. NJ Govonor Chris Christie
    10. Stephanie Rice (former Australian swimmer who said the word faggot)

    Lets EXTERMINATE all these people!!!!

  35. Christopher Hobe Morrison 12 Jun 2013, 3:54pm

    “Despite these warnings, Colo has still refused to back down, saying: ”I will go to the gallows.”
    Wow! Will it be on television?

  36. Staircase2 12 Jun 2013, 3:57pm

    What a bloody idiot…

  37. Christopher Coleman 12 Jun 2013, 4:10pm

    France should avoid, at all costs, making a martyr of this man. Martyrs make movements. He should be treated as an ordinary lawbreaker and punished as such.

    One has to pity these fools who cling to the notion that marriage was created for the sole purpose of procreation, ignoring the fact that the God they claim to believe in had created sex for that very purpose, a function that is independent of marriage. But then, these people also treat the folktales and fables in the Bible as though they were a true historical record, rather than the philosophical teaching points that their writers intended.

  38. I remember when the controversial Poll Tax was introduced in the UK. I received my form and I remember standing at the top of the stairs tearing it into little pieces and throwing it in the air like confetti. I wasn’t going to pay that…no way.
    I had to in the end of course…or face prison. And so it should be with this bigoted fool. Either, marry them, resign or go to jail. You’re not Thomas More and you won’t recieve a martyrs crown.

    1. Hah! I paid my poll tax- plus a penny. If you know anything about book-keeping, a stray penny on a balance sheet really messes things up- you can’t write it off, and it’s too small to refund. Kept it up till they dropped the tax, lol! I’m guessing I wasn’t the local councils favourite person…

  39. Greetings From Manila, PhilippInes!
    Jail This BigoT Now! I Wanna See His Face Behinds Bars! Does He Have A Website? Would Love To Send Him Some Wishes Before He Goes To The Gallows!!! Please?

  40. If he does not want to uphold the law, as he is supposed to do and undoubtable promissed to do, he should have simply stepped down.
    Now time for the justice system to make a nice example out of him……

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