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Belfast: Man jailed over homophobic attack in gay bar toilet

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Reader comments

  1. If the guilty man had been released from prison only a few days prior for a similar attack then this new sentence is far too lenient.

    It is also far too lenient regardless of previous history too.

  2. #3rdWorldCountry

  3. Does NI have a hate crime law? Or “crime aggravated by prejudice” legislation, like in Scotland.
    Far, far too lenient a sentance, even if he had no previous.
    I hope the prosecutor is appealing this abysmal penalty.
    He should also have been served a compensation order to pay for the restorative dental work necessated by his assault.

  4. You have to ask why this person was IN a gay bar? Like all homophobes, it would appear this nut-job is filled with self-loathing yet is drawn to be with gay men. If only more could be done to expose the driving force behind homophobia (‘show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a closet case’) perhaps people could become more comfortable with themselves. Someone who is secure in their sexuality is NEVER homophobic ……

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