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Zambia: Gay couple facing sodomy allegations go on trial

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  1. Oh dear. Another former British colony which has simply retained the rules of its oppressors. Wouldn’t you think, on independence, they would have wanted to sever ALL ties with their former rulers? Yet no – they have embraced the Judo-Christian discriminatory prejudices of their white overlords. Sad.

  2. Christopher in Canada 11 Jun 2013, 12:32pm

    Has any research been done by anthropologists on indigenous sexual mores of pre-colonial African cultures? Or is that information lost to the ages due to the length of time Africa has been in European contact (as opposed to the more recent New World)?

    The fact remains: these poverty-stricken countries are determined to keep people breeding yet even more children that will never be cared for, nor will have much of a life expectancy, much less standard of living. Are they actually afraid of being overwhelmed by other races in pure numbers? Is that what it’s all about?

    Reminds me of Quebec legislating language here in Canada, meanwhile the French population is becoming the least religious and of the lowest birth rate.

    I wonder if the same reasoning could be used to explain the strident rise of Christianity in a post-Roman world…

    1. I think you’ll find the catholic church is investing heavily in Africa’s future. A whole new superstitious and largely ignorant ‘market’ to tap. And their totally irresponsible message about the ‘sinful’ use of condoms is an outrage in a country ravaged by HIV/AIDS.

  3. Ignorant people persecuting their citizens.

  4. the sooner the human race on the african continent becomes extinct and the continent is handed over to the animals, THE BETTER!

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