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Video: TV host: Gays will ‘tear up’ Boy Scouts for ‘a few kids that want to do sex with each other’

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Reader comments

  1. Is this 700 year relic from the past still alive?? Or is this some really advanced animatronics? I give this dinosaur till 2020 max, than we can put him down as a footnote in the dusty history books of a less enlightened age.

    1. I was surprised too…I thought he had gone to God quite some time ago.

  2. Does anyone else wonder why a supposedly Heterosexual man is besieged my thoughts of boys having sex with each other? – ‘thou doth protesteth too much’ – you crazy old fossil!

  3. And there was me thinking dinosaurs have been extincted ! He seems very trouble by gay sex maybe he feels he missed up on something ?

    1. About 2000 people listen to his radio show.
      Yet in order to fill space PN repeatedly gay-bashes its readership with these nothing stories.

  4. I had hoped Pink News was giving up these horrible gay-bashing stories about nobodies with an audience of about 12.

    Did Joseph Patrick McCormick (who seems simply to copy and paste his ‘articles’ from other sites) miss the memo.

    These stories serve absolutely no purpose and are merely filling in space (despite the laughable attempt by Benjamin Cohen to pretend that gay-bashing this website’s readership is advancing gay rights.).

    This story is gay-bashing. Nothing more. It has zero merit and degrades the readership of this website.

    1. .....Paddyswurds 11 Jun 2013, 7:30pm

      Y’all should try Gay Satr News for a fresher less commercial approach. less trolling going on over there too. I got fed up with this has been site some time ago as have a lot of commentators and contributers. I rarely come here now and when I do it is just to wonder at the gay bashing and cut and paste drivel…

    2. .....Paddyswurds 11 Jun 2013, 7:31pm

      Y’all should try GSN for a fresher less commercial approach. less trolling going on over there too. I got fed up with this has been site some time ago as have a lot of commentators and contributers. I rarely come here now and when I do it is just to wonder at the gay bashing and cut and paste drivel…

      1. And the OBSESSION with religion here is bizarre.

        Reporting on mainstream religion is 1 thing, but individual families (the WBC) seem to get an equal amount of coverage as the catholic church or church of England does.

        It really beggars belief.

        I’m almost looking forward to the next general election, when there will be news to report – instead of this offensive drivel.

    3. I disagree – are we such fragile, delicate souls that we only want to read Bambi-style good news stories every day? Know thine enemy – it is important to know about ghastly people like Pat (Patricia?) Robertson who are so obsessed with thoughts of young boys having sex they want to talk about it on television. Pink News generally does a good job in bringing us stories from around the globe – good news, bad news and articles about pretend-christians and other nutters and their unhealthy obsessions.

  5. Robert (Kettering) 11 Jun 2013, 7:39pm

    Remember the time, not so long ago, when in the Deep South they’d have said much the same about letting black kids into the scouts!!!!

    Bigotry and homophobia from a sex obsessed old fart nothing less!

  6. Oh for the day(not far off) when christians only measure 2 % of the population. They will certainly change their opinion of minority rights then.

  7. A couple of weeks ago there was almost universal agreement in the Comments section that these tiresome and predictable stories just weren’t news.

    Shame the message went in one of Pink News’s ears and came straight out the other…

    1. Pink News is a business. If gay-bashing its readership gains page hits, then its good for business.

      Then pretend that gay-bashing the readership is good for gay rights (when in fact it’s merely advertsing the most extremist bigotry that simply does not have a big audience – can Pink News please tell us how many people actually watch this crackpot’s TV show – does his audience even reach 10,000?)

      Joseph Patrick McCormick seems to write (or should I say ‘copy and paste’) all these non-stories.

  8. I repeat yet again. If you don’t like these stories then don’t read them. It’s that simple. Exercise your right to chose and go elsewhere for your news items. Me, I like to know who my enemies are.

    1. I haven’t read the story.

      Why would I bother – I’m not interested in the same story being reprinted day after day after day.

      These ‘stories’ follow a pattern – find some religious crackpot with a fanbase of about 70, and breathlessly report on the most disgusting bigotry, that should not go beyond the target audience of the 70 people who follow the crackpot.

      I am free to read whatever website I want for my news.

      And equally I am free to condemn Pink News’ relentless gay-bashing.

      Is Pink News a homophobic website? The pornographic way it reports these extremists is really quite disgusting.

  9. Not wanting to get personal (as I have no idea what he is like as a person) but I would question the suitability of Joseph Patrick McCormick as a writer for this website?

    Is he based in the UK, with a quota of stories to print, so he lazily trolls the internet to find the most offensive drivel he can find about US religious extremists? All these gay-bashing stories seem to be written by him. Who decides whether a story is newsworthy?

    Or is this merely editorial policy – find the most gratuitously offensive thrash to increase page hits to increase PN advertising revenue – irrespective of whether it is newsworthy or not – and then make the frankly ludicrous claim that reporting on these wackjobs is actually noble?
    It’s not noble. It is verbal gay bashing, and Pink News has really deteriorated since it started doing this churnalism so whole-heartedly.

    I’ll be checking Gay Star News more often. It doesn’t seem to hold its readership in such contempt as Pink News does,.

  10. You bet your ass pat robertson. We are willing to rip and tear and we will keep going until people like you are marginalized or dead!

    1. This guy is already marginalised – he is an extremist.

      Advertising his vicious bile as Pink News is so addicted to doing, simply creates a larger space for more moderate and measured bigotry.

      The only reason this guy is not regarded as marginalised is because sites like PN keep advertising him as mainstream.

  11. Why doesn’t Pat Robertson go make himself a nice big hot steaming cup of STFU ?

  12. Sweet Jesus…. I’ve heard a lot of dumb sh*t from anti-gay people, but this is right up there. What an idiot, it sickens me to think these people can’t see past the sexual side of things, they just think if someone is gay it means they’d happily have a gang bang in the middle of the street with any guys they could get their hands on. I really can’t wait for this generation of ancient morons to finally kick the bucket and let those of us who don’t have dementia banging on our door, take over.

  13. Mike Sites 12 Jun 2013, 6:25am

    He and his evil twin Jerry Falwell will be seen by future generations for what they are….an ugly scar of the face of mankind

  14. his mind is about the other thing that still boggles.. the rest is already dead… what a cretinous old git, how can accomodating one percent (sic) of the population tear up an institution.. the only constant my friends, is change itsself.. move on, or move over..

  15. I suspect that his quote of only 3% of the population being gay is a gross under estimation.

    The old fool is seriously deluded.

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