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US: Gay couple to receive $147,000 in damages for harassment by apartment maintenance staff

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  1. The title ” New Life Multi-Family Management LLC” sounds religious based to me. I don’t think we have heard the end of this yet.

  2. and you can bet the religious brigade will be running to appeal saying their religious rights were violated….and how world wide ‘christian’ ppl. are being ‘discriminated’ against by gay activists!
    Already now that the dust has settled on UK marriage equality every discriminator incl. both major churches will be ‘white- anting’ any legislation that protects their rights to discriminate.

  3. “Pillow biters” I’ve not heard that one before it did make me chuckle!

    On the other side, I am glad that the claimants have won the case and I hope that it would deter other management companies from allowing the same thing to happen to others.

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