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Pope Francis: There is a ‘gay lobby’ at the heart of the Vatican ‘it exists’

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Reader comments

  1. And I bet that lobby is fabulously decorated!

    Joking aside, What is he hoping to achieve by announcing this exactly?

    1. Anyone who did not see last night’s EXTRAORDINARY exposé of the Catholic Church’s cover up of centuries of sexual abuse has got FOUR WEEKS in which to watch the following!

      The BBC has not been exactly supportive of homosexual people recently, but it did a fine thing in broadcasting this excellent documentary at a time when the upper levels of the Catholic hierarchy in England are gearing up again to attack Equal Marriage.

      1. Eddy,
        Thanks for that link.
        That hour+ programme makes me realise just how right I was to dump religion (RCC) over 50 years ago.
        I would think that Ratzinger’s did no such thing as resign.
        He was told to go.

    2. Setting up the stage to blame gays for all of the evils and ills of the Vatican. BET ON IT!

  2. “There is talk of a ‘gay lobby’ and it’s true, it exists,” he said.

    Yes, those ARE the saints, your Popeliness.

  3. PeterinSydney 11 Jun 2013, 2:26pm

    So what dear Pope! So much for the anti-gay diatribes of many of your Cardinals and Bishops. They are all hypocrites.

  4. And the whole world still had hope about Pope Francis. What a disappointment this Pope. He is just like all the others. Religion, what right it still has to continue existing in the world, be it Christianity, Islam and any other ?

    1. Unfortunately religions are only mans perversion of the truth of God, they must always be in control and push their prejudicial agendas.

  5. Take away Jorge’s fancy dress costume, power, fabulous wealth and the seething corruption he controls as chief executive officer and you would have any other unthinking, unattractive and morally bankrupt old git.

  6. bobbleobble 11 Jun 2013, 2:50pm

    In other words he’s been convinced to blame the gays for all of the wrongs of the Catholic Church too. Corruption, blame the gays, paedophile cover up, it’s them gays again.

    Either that or he just came out.

    1. Yes, it seems that “blame the gays” is policy once more, whilst leaving the real corruption untouched.
      And what is a “gentleman in waiting” but a prostitute for position? Seems he was doing his job!

  7. I prefer Mrs Brown’s statement on the Catholic church….
    ‘If yer not feckin’ playing, don’t make the rules’

  8. “The report is said to say that there was widespread breaking of … ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’.

    For six months now equal marriage opponents have been bleating on about how adultery was in law an exclusively heterosexual act. Make your mind up folks…

    1. For Catholics adultery has an expanded meaning of all sex outside marriage. I’m not sure why they don’t use the word fornication in that context; maybe it’s just to try and bring gay sex within the 10 commandments.

  9. Much ado about nothing. These people lost their credibility long ago when we discovered they rape children.

  10. GulliverUK 11 Jun 2013, 3:14pm

    “Blame culture” is soooooo last year !

    We have a catholic lobby in government – it’s headed by baroness Warsi :)

  11. Don Cupitt, The Fountain (2010) put it nicely: Today all the historic faith-traditions around the world are in a state of terminal collapse, and the rise of ‘fundamentalism’ is certainly not a sign that ‘God is back’, as the journalists say. One the contrary, it is faith in its death agony, struggling to stay alive by the traditional means – objectifying itself, intensifying the consciousness of sin, and conducting a relentless purity campaign against the social pollution caused by homosexuals, abortionists, adulterers and free women generally…

  12. … People in the West are largely unaware of all this. They have already largely forgotten religion and philosophy and they simply lack the consciousness of sin, so that they find the obsessions of fundamentalism baffling. My own view is that we should sympathize with the desperation of the fundamentalists. They behave so crazily because they secretly know that their God is in his death-agony. The next generation, now growing up, will be godless, and that terrifies them That’s why they are persecuting gays.

    They will lose…

    1. I hope they will lose, but I’m not sure.

  13. This deluded fool appears to have equated the existence of a Vatican lobby espousing respect for homosexual people as “a current of corruption”. Thank you, Old Fool! You tell us WE equal “corruption”, but the truth is YOU equal corruption.

    Anyone who did not see last night’s EXTRAORDINARY exposé of the Catholic Church’s cover up of centuries of sexual abuse MUST watch the following!

    This 90-minute programme begins by looking at just one priest in one school for the deaf in the USA, but later it follows the threads right up into the Vatican, to Ratzinger himself, proving how Ratzinger has been fully aware of all the abuse for DECADES but did NOTHING – except hide it!

    Get everyone you know to watch this documentary. Tweet it! Facebook it!

    1. Slightlyamused 11 Jun 2013, 4:37pm

      sorry clicked “Report” instead of “thumbs up”.

    2. Eddy,
      Thanks for that link.
      That hour+ programme makes me realise just how right I was to dump religion (RCC) over 50 years ago.
      I would think that Ratzinger’s did no such thing as resign.
      He was told to go.

  14. It probably goes much higher than the Curia. There are two Popes in recent history who might well have been Gay themselves. The first Pope John Paul was known to be ‘sympathetic’. Unfortunately, he was succeeded by the bigot from Krakow.

  15. Godric Godricson 11 Jun 2013, 3:43pm

    So, someone who has been in the Church for years, became a Cardinal and then became Bishop of Rome suddenly finds gay men at the heart of the Church! Well, this hardly seems credible? ‘They’ have all known about gay men in the Church for years. The twist to all of this is the way that the Bishop of Rome now links gay men to adultery and corruption. Scapegoating on a massive scale is about to break out in Rome as the Curia tries to portray gay men as child abusers. Watch for the spin on every story from now on!

    1. Godric, hopefully as they purge themselves they’ll so strip their ranks that they’ll destroy themselves. At the same time they will turn up the climate of fear in the Vatican corridors to such a level that they’ll not be able to hide their fascism. In addition, the tension and stress that the witch-hunt will cause is more than likely to cause various personal explosions and dramas.

      But what’s worrying is that the tension will trickle downwards from the Vatican through the cardinals to their bishops worldwide. We could soon be hearing of more letters of denouncement read from pulpits on Sundays. Let’s just hope that the “faithful” are no longer so blind as they were and that they won’t tolerate it. Mass walk-outs mid-sermon would be nice. But on the other hand, we know from the annual World Youth Day (WYD), the big event organized by the Catholic Church, that there are 1000s of 1000s of people who for terribly sad reasons rejoice in every ridiculous utterance of Catholic leaders.

  16. There is a theocratic lobby in mainstream parties. They don’t stand on a religious platform during elections as they know they would come way below the Monster Raving Loonies. They infiltrate mainstream parties, as we have seen recently.

  17. So it’s back to “blame the gays”. Seems like Benedict or his henchmen may still be calling the shots.

    “What a day
    What a day
    For an Auto da Fe”

  18. It used to be a ‘communist mafia’ … not it’s a ‘gay mafia’ – all too often organisations and countries seem unable to function unless they have a ‘hate group’! It’s downright PATHETIC!!!

    1. not = NOW Oops!!

  19. Michael 2912 11 Jun 2013, 5:19pm

    Lovely – equating gayness with corruption and setting himself the task of purifying the church. Watch out – this nasty little man could be worse than the last incumbent.

  20. If there is a ‘gay lobby’ at the heart of the Catholic church, it’s doing a pretty poor job at advancing gay causes, given the time and money spent by the Church on fighting gay rights around the world……..

    1. Just what I was about to say!

  21. ….at the heart, throughout the body, and in the very soul. But it’s a lobby of masochists and self-haters.

  22. they are not gay – a gay man has self respect and a joy for who they are – these are closeted, self loathing, screwed up folk…

    1. And they mostly meet gays who are similarly afflicted – and think we all are… It needs to end!

      1. Beelzeebub 11 Jun 2013, 9:17pm

        It won’t.

        The “flock” that they have indoctrinated since childhood believe the bullcrap these sh!ts spew.

        The brainwash is complete. It’s how religions operate.

  23. how people keep believing in this garbage ill never understand. This church is bigger than any mafia

    1. Que? Isn’t it the pope who is stating this?

  24. Watch this slimy, lying snake! This is just the Vatican’s latest set up to blame all of the ills of the Catholic church and the Vatican on gays. They’ve already done it with the priest pedophile scandal.

  25. Stephen MOLE 11 Jun 2013, 7:13pm

    I refuse to accept that there are gays at the Vatican. Can’t be true.

    1. Beelzeebub 11 Jun 2013, 9:14pm

      There may or may not be, but given an alleged lifetime of abstinence their are most certainly a bunch of wankers.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Jun 2013, 8:22pm

    According to Catholic and Anglican teaching, adultery applies only to heterosexuals engaging in vaginal penetration in violation of the marriage law and their ‘god’s’ commandment. So by deduction, I would assume this Pope is incorrect. The cabal of which he speaks seems to suggest it is comprised of adulterous heterosexuals. Which is it Francis?

  27. The former pope’s now lives in a small refurbished ‘palace’ with the “handsome” secretary “intense,” companion Ganswein who continues ‘assistin’g the former pope while maintaining his role as prefect of the household for Francis. If we’re looking at a gay lobby then lets look no further than this little manage a trois.
    Self loathing but fabulously camp is not healthy. Ask Keith O’Brien.

  28. Stuart McDonald 11 Jun 2013, 10:42pm

    Looks like the neo-Nazi conspirator and accomplice to the mass murders by the neo-Nazi military regime in Argentina in the 1970’s and 1980s is going to purge the Vatican of homosexuals. Only anti-gay child molesters will be allowed to remain.

  29. friday jones 11 Jun 2013, 11:10pm

    Oh, look, the guy who’s the head of the organization rich enough to buy entire countries, the man who wears the finest silks and adorns himself with the most expensive jewelry, is complaining about “worldly influences.” Perhaps if he spent a few decades in a really poor mission in the Congo he could stay away from all that “worldliness” that bothers him so. If that isn’t enough, may I suggest self-flagellation?

  30. Many of the above views(Rome-o-phobic) are worthy of Der Stürmer (the Anti-Catholic Pink News of it’s day):

    “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

  31. “There is talk of a ‘gay lobby’ and it’s true, it exists,”

    Well, you could start worshiping that lobby then, since the existance of your own god is quite dubious nowadays.


    The Church is the best friend of homosexuals, both because she tells them they are made in God’s image and have intrinsic dignity and rights and are called to be saints, and because she is the only social force left that insists on moral absolutes—so when they sin against themselves she says NO, just as she does to heterosexuals who sin against themselves sexually, but when others sin against them she says NO also.
    No one else dares to say NO. She speaks up for everyone, including homosexuals.
    – See more at:

    1. The only one the church does not speak up for ,are the children. I seem to remember a speech by someone who said Suffer the little children to come onto me. And whomsoever harms one of these, harms me as well.. I wonder how the catholic church justifies these works of evil.

      1. It does speak out – with 7 million children murdered in the womb in this country alone , the Church has always spoke up when the state dehumanises the killing as an ‘informed choice’ .

  33. and were in the 10 commandments does it say thou shalt not be gay ?
    Adultery (also called philandery, anglicised from Latin adulterium) is sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than their spouse or spouses.

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