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MPs await Commons debate on sex education amendment

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Robertson 11 Jun 2013, 4:09pm

    Translation: We don’t have enough teachers to cover subject X everywhere so we’re simply not going to bother teaching it anywhere.

  2. I emailed my local MP & got a reply back earlier today confirming that he will be supporting the amendment this afternoon.

    We have seen with the Equal Marriage debate the power of individuals getting involved & contacting their MP’s / Lords. It is vital that we do the same for good quality relationship & sex education in our schools that is LGBT inclusive.

    High quality, consistent sex & relationship education is as important as consistent condom use, awareness of HIV / STI’s & regular sexual health check ups that include an HIV test. We need to start at an appropriate age to get the message across & then continue that education into early adulthood & beyond.

  3. On the other hand 11 Jun 2013, 5:20pm

    Surely one reason parents send their children to faith schools is so that their progeny can remain as blissfully ignorant of the facts of life as they were themselves. I can’t see that lobby being happy about this.

  4. I think this is a great idea – in theory. But if it is implemented without the appropriate thought, planning, resources and adequately trained staff it may actually do more damage than good to LGBT students.

  5. Note this was part of the “wash” at the change of government and the ConDems voted it down.

  6. In own my experience the teaching of sex education relied implicitly on the experience and knowledge of the staff involved (form tutors) who were given no training of their own.

    I had to go and ‘swot up’ on heterosexual sex to be able to deliver the course which I subsequently came to realise put me in a better position than a great many colleagues who erroneously assumed they knew everything.

    I do hope that the modern curriculum ensures that staff are provided with training materials themselves when it comes to any sort of sex education, otherwise if homosexual activity is be discussed by a sexually conservative person who is left to draw from their own very limited experience, you are quiet likely to get a vast amount of misinformation passed on, even assuming zero religious propaganda.

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